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#GenGorgeous influencer Jessica Franklin shares her fool-proof strategy for building and sustaining a beauty platform.

Nikki Brown Apr, 21, 2016

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Although most blogging platforms and networking events require zero cost, it’s important to know the power of an early investment. Be sure to hit the ground running with a solid foundation. This typically includes a professional looking website, logo and photography.

“I invested about $1,000…for a new camera, lighting, a logo, web design, a domain and web hosting,” says Jessica. “Quality is super important. I wanted to make sure my videos and photos were as good as they could be.”

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Overcoming camera shyness is challenging, but necessary for those making their beauty obsession a legit brand. The obvious/not so obvious method for getting over it is simple: take more photos!

According to Jessica, this is the best way to learn your angles and step outside the comfort zone. After this, use your networking skills (more on this later!) or good ol’ Internet research to find a photographer. It’s a formula that’s worked for Jessica, whose primary photographer is Denisse Benitez, also known as @Thugnanny_.

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Once you’ve added the title “beauty blogger” to your resume, social media becomes more than a means of communication. It’s an essential tool for growing your audience.

Decide what your aesthetic will be and make it the anchor of every photo you post, while also gaging when you have the most eyes on your accounts. “It’s great if all of your photos have similar filters and flow nicely together. Your page should tell a fun and exciting story that people want to be a part of and follow,” says Jessica.

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Photo filters can be a godsend when your lighting is off, but they should enhance, not alter what you truly look like. Besides occasionally smoothing her skin with the Facetune app, Jessica keeps Photoshopping to a minimum.

“On Instagram, you are expected to look your very best, but I don’t do any major alterations to my face or body. This is actually something I love about Snap Chat! There’s only a few filters available, so I really am showing my true self.”

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Word of mouth goes a long way when you’re looking to grow an audience organically. If you live in a metropolitan area, take advantage of in-person events where you can meet and greet with fellow bloggers or brands you may want to work with in the future.

“Business cards are definitely still relevant,” says Jessica. “However, they can get lost easily. So I always ask for the other person’s business card as well and I follow up right away with email.” Online blogger networks and consistent social media engagement are just as effective for those who don’t have this type of access.

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As your blog begins to grow and opportunities for brand partnerships arise, remember not to lose your authentic voice in the process.

“I always tell companies that I will only write a review if I truly love it. I think this is important because I want my followers and readers to trust me,” says Jessica. “I really decide what subjects I blog about based on what I’m excited and passionate about at that moment.” Are you ready to take the beauty plunge?

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