Jessica White's Top 10 Favorite Products

Jessica White's Top 10 Favorite Products
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 09, 2011

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“This hydrating undereye treatment is from my new skincare line Devise Beauty, launching this winter! Between late nights and early call times, it keeps me looking awake and brightens dark circles.”

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“Shade #355 matches my skin tone perfectly. Most brands carry only a few dark hues, but Fit Me has so many in-between shades!” ($7.99,

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“I run this through my hair in the morning and it fight humidity all day. Similar products have left my hair feeling stiff or greasy!” ($9.99,

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“I always use heat tools to style my curly hair, so this one-hour treatment is essential. My tip: Rinse first with warm water then “shock” your hair follicles with a cold water rinse.”

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“After the scrub, this leaves my skin even smoother. The Lemon & Sage scent is my personal favorite.” ($28,

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“This full body scrub is essential for seasonal dry skin. After a photo shoot at the beach, I love to use this product to maintain my glow. Plus, the fresh citrus scent is delicious.” ($36,

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“This primer is from my new skincare line! It has a bit of pigment to help even out skin tone without the cakiness of foundation. The matte finish looks beautiful in pictures.”

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“I’ve tried a lot of mascaras and I’m obsessed with this one. Its perfect for creating a cat eye look or for getting what I like to call the ‘Adrianna Lima Eye.’” ($7.49,

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“This is my big splurge product. I suffer from extremely dry skin, so this rich crème is my must-have. It’s a heavier based crème, so I only use it at night.” ($230,

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“This product is cooling, relaxing, and hydrates my face beautifully. I recently got a little too much sun on a photo shoot, and used it religiously to save me from peeling!”