Jay-Z's Presidential Cabinet

Jay-Z's Presidential Cabinet
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 03, 2010

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Sean ‘Jay Z ‘ Carter – If Jay Z could even clear the background check part of the election process, then he deserves to win.

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Beyonce – Whether or not Beyonce fits the bill, she is by default his wife…

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Russell Simmons – President Carter would need someone prominent, seasoned, respected, and trustworthy to be his number two man. Simmons is already everybody’s favorite Uncle, so why not?

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Diddy – This position might have been created for Desiree Rodgers, but it was made for Diddy. It’s a no-brainer: Diddy is uber social, and has what it takes – charm, flair, and bottles and bottles of Ciroc.

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Oprah - Yes, we know she could easily be President, but that’s a different story… The Secretary of State needs to know how to get things done, and no one can take care of business like Oprah.

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Rick Ross – He’s the biggest bawse that we seen thus far, plus he comes with correctional officer credentials.

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Tyler Perry – You go from living out of your car to having a movie empire in less than 10 years? Yes we’re sure Jay could trust his vision for our economy.

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Will Smith – Who in this man’s family isn’t moving and shaking? Mr. Smith has put his whole family to work, so we are confident that he can get the nation up and on its feet again.

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Kanye West – Hate him or love him, Kanye is always trying to make something fair. Whether it’s embarrassing our President by calling him a racist, or trying to let the world know Beyonce should of won the award, Kanye keeps things balanced. At least in his own mind.

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Patti LaBelle - Mrs. Patti can teach both the young and old a thing or two, and then dare you to challenge her.

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Alicia Keys- If the new mommy can address an epidemic as large as AIDS — with her Keep A Child Alive organization — both in the states and abroad, she can tackle smaller health issues with her eyes closed.

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Mary J. Blige – Name another person who has been in the game as long as Mary J and is still as hot? We’ll wait…

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Rihanna – Rihanna’s always been a firecracker, popping with youth and edge. With her fire red hairdo and her sexy style, she can keep the nation hot hot hot.

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Rihanna – Rihanna’s always been a firecracker, popping with youth and edge. Her unique style and confidence is exemplified by her newish red hairdo, which reminds us of

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Lebron James- Thanks to an hour-long, drawn-out special on ESPN, everyone, including Jay-Z, is aware that James has experience in picking up and moving from one place to another. We’re sure he’ll keep things moving…

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