It Happened to Me: Your Worst Dates Ever

It Happened to Me: Worst Dates Ever
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 22, 2011

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“The guy’s ex followed us and tried to run us off the road when we left. He stopped his car to talk to her, she tried to attack him…he hopped back in the car, pulled off and she jumped on the back and fell off! Needless to say I didn’t see him again after that. #DramaCentral” – Shakira

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“His wife showed up. He was never married according to our phone conversations. SMH” – Ace

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“He took me to the wake of his friend’s mom at their house. She was laid out in the living room and I was dressed in white.” – Anissa

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“I went on a first lunch date with this guy. He immediately downed two Long Islands and ordered a third. Then he made loud, rude comments about two heavy women who were sitting near us. Then he got on his cell and called his boy and started describing me and making suggestive statements. I excused myself to go to the bathroom and left!” – Nicole

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“The guy paid with coupons… Red Lobster!”  – Dee

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“A guy I met on the METRO a few years ago asked me out for lunch at a nice restaurant in DC. He escorted me to a table where he had bought nice flowers and wine. I’m over the moon at this point. However, somewhere during the course of lunch, he said that he was attracted to me because he loves ‘some cushion when he’s pushin’’! The first and last time I’ve dated men from DC!” – Wendy

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“We went to the movies then McDonald’s for dinner.” – Shonda

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“A guy pulled my hair to see if it was real and it was. I was so disgusted by his action I couldn’t eat the rest of my brunch. He then said to me, ’I’ll let it slide this time, but next time you better eat all your food. Money doesn’t grow on trees.’ Mind you, it was an $8 omelet. – Tiffany

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“I got food poisoning and spent most of the night in the bathroom vomiting.” – Teresa

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“I got pregnant:-/……..Plus, he turned out to be crazy as hell.” — Yolanda

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“I once went on a date with an older gentleman and after dinner as he was walking me back to my car his soaked Depends (adult diaper) fell from under his pants. He tried to kick it away so I would not see it.” – Titika

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