It Happened to Me: Your Worst Breakups Ever

It Happened to Me: Your Worst Breakups Ever
ESSENCE.COM Apr, 10, 2012

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“He answered his front door at 2 in the afternoon with his robe on! ON VALENTINES DAY! And didn’t invite me inside… SERIOUSLY!” — Debra

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“He dumped me over the telephone, on my 40th birthday.” — V

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“He wrote me a breakup letter, only we lived together." — Nariscia

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“He changed his number and blocked me from Facebook.” — Vatosha

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“After three years together I got a phone call from his mother because she was confused as to who the girl was sleeping on his couch at 2 o’clock in the afternoon on a Sunday. We never spoke to each other after that. Those two are married with two kids today. At least he committed to somebody.” — LIsa

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“He posted our breakup as his Facebook and tagged me in it.” — Jahniya

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“He showed me a positive pregnancy test… and it wasn’t mine.” — Kenya

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“He told me and our two kids to get out and he was selling the house.” — Kimberly

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“I knew it was over when I saw the wedding pictures on MySpace.” — Kitty

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“After a weekend family trip he left early. When we got home he’d moved out!! Can you say coward?!” — Lisa C

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“My ex husband was cheating on me and, of course, I didn’t know. He and his sister got into a huge fight and she said it in front of everybody. So, I guess since the cat was out the bag, he ended it all right then and there. Imagine my devastation!” — Yvette

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“He told me he was joining the Army and would be gone for training for 30 days. Then he threw a going away party, came to pick me up, and then just left while I was getting ready. He wouldn’t answer my calls and then sent word that he was ‘confused and scared’ because he did not know what the Army would be like.” — Yolanda

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“My husband kicked me out in January because I lost my job and filed for a divorce last month and cheated on me. When I told him about himself and how I really felt, he actually thinks that he deserves the right to give me the silent treatment and I’m in the wrong for going after alimony! — Kamberly

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“My fiancé did not show up for our wedding, which was on my birthday.” — Lorraine

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“He dumped me while I was five weeks pregnant and he told me that we don’t understand each other. He left me for his high school girlfriend.” — Edita

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“One guy that I had dated for several years, told me on two occasions that ‘he told God if he got out of his first marriage, he never would marry again’. Well after we broke up he married about 13 months later.” — Shirley

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“He slept with my college roommate while I was in class.” — Annette

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“His mama broke the news to me.” — Kimberly

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“After a two-year high school romance, he went into the Army, came home for Thanksgiving, took me to get my engagement ring, bought it, put it on my finger, and then went back to the base. He wrote and called me for another three months while I’m planning to live in Germany as an Army wife. Then the letters stopped. I NEVER heard from him again. I found out a year later that he had met some girl who lived near the base and he got her pregnant and married her. Someone I know recently sent me a photo of him… he looks like hell and I dodged a loser… GOD IS GOOD!” — Moni

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“My husband married another woman while married to me. We had a commuter marriage.” — Cynthia