iphone Apps for Ladies

iphone Apps for Ladies
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 29, 2009

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One of the greatest things about the Apple iPhone is how its applications can be customized to fit your personal needs. Here, we take a look at apps made just for us ladies.

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Expectant mothers looking for up-to-the-minute progress of their child will love iPregancy’s progress tool. Once the due date is entered, the soon-to-be moms can keep track of the current gestational age and time remaining until due date, as well as the next major milestone.

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Though pricier than most of the apps in Apple’s iTunes store, this an app that everyone can use. Omnifocus checks out the “To Dos” on your errand list and by using GPS, it lets you know when you’re near a location to fulfill them. So next time you’re passing by the grocery store, you won’t forget to pick up milk on the way home.

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Some women are in tune with their cycle, while others could use some technological help to keep track of their start day or give them a glimpse as to when that “time of the month” will hit. The iWoman app does just that, by allowing you to input the start and finish date of your last period, which it then uses to calculate future periods and the expected length of its duration.

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You’d expect that the number-one sportswear brand in the world to have one of the best work out apps. Featuring training regiments specifically geared towards women, this app allows you to create a workout plan and time each exercise.

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Stop arguing over where to go to dinner with your man. Simply shake your iPhone and depending on your location, Urban Spoon will pick something for you. You can even filter your choices by location, price, and type of restaurant. So while you may both agree on Thai, you’ll at least be able to try out a new restaurant.

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Screen shot of Urban Spoon. Just shake the phone and it acts as a slot machine of sorts choosing where you’ll be eating that evening.

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Not everyone can be the consummate sommelier, but with Nat Decants Food & Wine matcher, you can be. Enter your course selection and the app doles out the best pairing, or pick your wine and have it suggest the best meal to compliment it. It also hooks you up with suggested pairings for other spirits, coffee and tea.

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If going to the mall means spending more time in the parking lot looking for your car than actually shopping, then G-Park is an app to download now. Simply park your car, hit the “Park Me” button on the app and G-Park will put a pin in your location. When you’re going back to your car, simply click the “Where Did I Park?” button and you’ll be greeted with turn-by-turn directions via Google Maps, which lead you right back to your whip.

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Get daily relationship advice and more with this app that gets its findings based on your astrological sign.

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If you’re a 24/7 non-stop shopaholic, then this app may be the only one you need in your iPhone. Browse some of the best brands including Christian Louboutin and Marc Jacobs and either click to buy immediately or save for a later splurge date.

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Shopstyle’s screen makes shopping on your iPhone so easy.

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Erykah Badu tweeted during the birth of her last child, so it’s no wonder that there’s an app that pregnant women can use right before they enter the delivery room. This app measures time between contractions and has an email feature to send info to your doctor.

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Can’t figure out your figure? iStylist has you covered. Input your body type and this app will find the right jeans, coat, skirts and shirts to highlight your best assets.

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Hands down the best iPhone app for Twitter, Tweetie lets you tweet in real time with manageability for multiple accounts. It also features a useful search function, trend highlights and TweetShrink, which automatically compresses any message over Twitter’s 140 character limit.


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