InstaLove: Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz's Love in Pictures

In honor of Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz's five-year wedding anniversary, we've pulled together some of the couple's cutest moments on Instagram. Warning: Prepare to awwww excessively. 

Sylvia Obell Aug, 03, 2015

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This couple is somehow even cuter in black and white.

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Because let's be honest: Isn't this what elevators are really for?

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Alicia wins for best wife ever after throwing Swizz a House Party-themed birthday party.

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This couple sure does know how to make a grand entrance on a grand staircase.

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Throwback date night! Alicia Keys and Swizz strap on some roller skates for a retro good time.

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Alicia and Swizz are giving us some serious #RelationshipGoals.

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When your wifey has your back, anything is possible. Alicia sneaks up on Swizz during his set at the Brooklyn Museum.

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Their love is on fiiiiiire.

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The Deans often showcase how playful they are with each other. Here Swizz twirls Keys around as she showcases her #AKCourts from her Reebok Classics sneaker line

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What better place than a black-tie event to take a selfie? Keys took a moment to do just that while at a dinner honoring Gordon Parks.

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The happily married couple's positive energy often shines through in their photos. Her glow almost outshines the beautiful sunset behind them in this pic.

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Swizz Beatz shared this playful photo writing, "She made me taste this nasty a** drink from the juice bar the [things] you do when in love damn lmao."

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The stylish couple often display their personal style on Instagram. This portrait is definitely frame worthy.

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Swizz Beatz doesn't always participate in #WCW but when he does, you can bet it'll be a picture of his gorgeous wife.

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Swizz is known to give his wife what he calls a "love attack." Too cute!

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Who needs hair and makeup when you're in love? Swizz shared this photo of he and a fresh-faced Keys with the caption, "My sunshine in the storms."

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The two Grammy winners often spend time in the studio together and seem to really respect each other's positive input.

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"When you find love have fun with it," posted Swizz Beatz. We love a couple that isn't afraid to be silly together.

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Swizz often raves about his wife's beauty on Instagram. Here he just couldn't manage to keep his hands to himself.

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Congratulations Swizz and Alicia on your growing family! We know baby No. 2 will be welcomed with tons of love!