Instagram Challenge: Show Us Your Valentine!

We asked our Instagram followers to show us whose love they are celebrating today by posting a photo of their valentine and telling us why they love them. Here's a round-up of some of our favorites!

Sylvia Obell Feb, 14, 2014

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We asked our Instagram followers to share whose love they're celebrating today and why! 

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Love is patient. We waited over a year to be in the vicinity of one another. We are a living testament that long distant relationships can work! Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers out there who can't spend time with the ones they love today! It will all be worth it in the end.

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#essencevalentines my little him to life...he showed me what being a mother was all about...took me on a neverending adventure. I'm so blessed he and God chose me to be his mommy. 

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I love my fiancé Brian because he gives me everything I need: partnership, respect, tenderness, long talks, and big laughs. He's my angel on Earth and my strong man of God. Every day is the 14th with him. #ESSENCEValentines

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My hubby shows how much he loves me & our two boys everyday not just on #valentinesday . This pic was taken after a few days of me returning home after a month in the hospital. He's the only one who truly knows what my days are like living with Crohns disease. From entertaining the monsters, cleaning & cooking while I sleep away the pain to rubbing my tummy, massaging my back and running warm water. #essencevalentines

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Then & Now ...we make this Love thang look easy. So glad you're my Valentine every single fill my heart with so much joy sweetheart, and for that you deserve a lifetime of my kisses. Mwah @iamnoize357 Happy Valentines Day baby I love you. #ESSENCEValentines

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Me and my Valentine: ready for the sun & snow. She's my heart and soul, and on those days that make ya wanna holler, her smile makes everything okay. #EssenceValentines

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#essencevalentines I met this man while in the Army. We served together in Iraq. We suffered the loss of our first child when she was 4 months old. God redeemed us and gave us 2 more girls to love. It hasn't been easy but it's been worth it. He has put up with my moods and my attitude but he loves me anyway. He made me feel beautiful when everyone else said I was ugly. He accepts all of me and I'm so grateful to God for him. In May we will celebrate 10 years of marriage.

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While everyone longs for a picture perfect love ... We choose to love filter free! #essencevalentines

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Everyday is Valentine's a Day for us. He's my best friend & he shows me everyday that he loves me Unconditionally. My hubby ROCKS!!!! #ESSENCEValentines

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So many reasons why I love you, some obvious, others deep rooted in my soul but most of my favorites are the ones I can't explain. The ones I feel every time you say my name or the way you hold me. You're more than my best friend, you're truly my everything. When I found you no one else mattered. I remember you being the only one on a full table to bow your head and pray before very meal. To love God is to know unconditional; agape love. That's the love you give me. I'm the most blessed woman in the world because I have your love. Happy Valentines Day my husband. #ESSENCEValentines 

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So lucky to have such a good man in my life! #ESSENCEValentines

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I love my daughter because her life gave me back my life. She is one of God's greatest gifts! She encourages me when I need it. She reminds me that I am important in this world. Her hugs bring me hope. Her kisses are heaven. To be chosen to be the vehicle that she came to earth is one of my greatest accomplishments. I see God when I look at her. Niya, mommy loves you! #ESSENCEValentines

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No for real! When you find your best friend, your ally, your soulmate, Valentines Day is everyday! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!

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Celebrating God's love for me. I've waited a lifetime for my hubby and baby. #ESSENCEValentines

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He is truly my best friend that is why he is my Valentine.

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After almost 11years of marriage, I am even more in love with this man. He makes me laugh, believes in my dreams, prays for me and leads me as he follows Christ. Has it been easy? Absolutely NOT. What I can say is it's been worth it. We never gave up even in the toughest of times & those tough times made our love stronger. REAL LOVE NEVER GIVES UP! (I Cor. 13:7) {photography by: @loyalmediagroup}. #ESSENCEValentines