If Looks Could Kill: Phaedra Parks Side Eyes the Shadiest Topics Of the Moment

Entetainment lawyer and side-eye expert Phaedra Parks goes in. Do you agree?

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“Oh, that makes me so mad. That, really is ridiculous.”

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The Lord Jesus Side Eye: “Everybody keeps asking me about that,” says Parks. “I just know that [in that] case no one is going to win. They're public figures. In defamation and slander, if you hold your stuff out as public figure, the level to actually be defamed is so great. They pretty much have to say you got AIDS and you're dying and I saw it. It has to be something so grossly, grossly negligent that it's just unbelievable. Then you have to show damage. What money did you lose? What is the true damage? Did you lose money? I'm just like, Lord, Jesus."

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“You know, she is who she is. I accept her for who she is. I can't change her, only Jesus can do that.”

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“Well, you know, I know Memphitz because Toya and I are very close friends. I don't know. That K Michelle, she does a lot. I don't know what that's about. She's a lot. It's so crazy. She graduated from FAMU. She is a Delta. She was the Homecoming Queen. How do you derail?”

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“We just got to say we're going to see more. Let's just give them the opportunity…I know people can do it, given the opportunity. Just going to keep them lifted up in prayer. Give them the opportunity.”

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“I think he's a great, formidable businessman, but as far as his politics, where is he getting this? Who is doing his fact checking? He is just like ... I don't think he's doing any fact checking…”

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"This is petty…Was he married to someone?”

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That's a wrap! Do your opinions differ from Phaedra's on any of these topics? Share your thoughts below.