I Get it From My Mama! ESSENCE Readers on the Traits They Got from Their Moms

As we honor the number one woman in our lives, we asked our readers to share what traits they got from their mothers. Whether it's their cheekbones or their fierce hustle, each woman is undeniably her mother's daughter—and proud of it. Happy Mother's Day! 

Taylor Lewis May, 07, 2015

1 of 23 Instagram/dejalaray

"I have my mom's smile, nose, eyes and hair." - @dejalaray

2 of 23 Instagram/chiwonachild

"I have my mom's bone structure, nose, smile and resilient spirit. I am forever grateful for Mom and miss her dearly. Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!" - @chiwonachild

3 of 23 Instagram/sexiestg

"I have my mom's independence, beauty and strength. I can't forget nose, mouth, chi-chi's and big legs." - @sexiestg

4 of 23 Instagram/tasharjones

"I have my mom's smile, lips, eyes, eyebrows, color and, most of all, her strength and big heart." - @tasharjones

5 of 23 Instagram/fancyjenn

"I have my mom's face (cheekbones and nose). She was beautiful, kind and hardworking. She grew up with nothing and vowed her kids would never go through the same. I wish I had her enduring spirit, but I'm glad that even though she's not with our family anymore, people can always look at me and say, 'You remind me so much of your mom.'" - @fancyjenn

6 of 23 Instagram/thatsantrechelle

"The one thing that reminds me so much of my mother is the will to NEVER stop dreaming." - @thatsantrechelle

7 of 23 Instagram/takeisha

"I have my mom's  physical features, but more importantly, I have a spirit which has been shaped by every struggle she's triumphed, every broken heart she's mended, every dollar she's stretched into twenty, every knee she's bent in prayer and every word of encouragement she's recited to me. To me, she's the best; to her, I'm capable of being far better." - @takeisha

8 of 23 Instagram/marvalusst

"I have my mom's drive and motivation! Sometimes it's a curse to be a strong and independent woman, but I'm definitely glad my mom gave me the tools and knowledge to be able to withstand it all!! My mom is definitely a huge clown, and I get it honest. We look so much alike." - @marvalusst

9 of 23 Instagram/browncoffee85

"I have my mom's freckles, sense of fashion and legacy as a woman of Alpha Kappa Alpha. When I met Jill Scott in 2013, the first thing she said was, 'I love your moles.' I said, 'Thank you; I got them from my mother.'" - @browncoffee85

10 of 23 Instagram/dawnsunshine7

"I have my mom's spirit, Kindness, Loving & Caring Demeanor! I love that we dont look alike, but people always tell me, 'You have your mother's heart!' Happy Mothers Day Mom!" - @dawnsunshine7

11 of 23 Instagram/dyloverly

"This beautiful woman has given me my smile, my love for people in trying times and my everlasting love for my family and friends. Happy Mother's Day!" - @dyloverly

12 of 23 Instagram/alyaajonah

"I have my mom's chocolate skin, nose, round face, red lips love and a sliver of her fashion sense and style. People often say we look alike, but I can only dream that one day, I become half of the person you are." - @alyaajonah

13 of 23 Instagram/chelonearth

"I have my mom's heart for people. All of my life, I have watched her make great attempts to ensure her friends, family and sometimes even complete strangers in crisis had someone that they could count on. Today, I find myself doing the same. She IS pretty awesome. I love you, Mommy!" - @chelonearth

14 of 23 Instagram/ashpriii

"I have my mom's girlish cheeks, ability to understand and see good in others and the integrity to do right by them. I appreciate her so much!" - @ashpriii

15 of 23 Instagram/rayna.anderson

"I have my mom's cheekbones, nose... oh, and her Louisiana cooking skills!" - @rayna.anderson

16 of 23 Instagram/miamorning

"They tell me that I have her smile, her high cheekbones and her singing voice. I say I have my mom's heart. I miss her terribly. RIP, Mama. I carry your spirit forward." - @miamorning

17 of 23 Instagram/jamaicamae

"I have my mom's confidence, strength, courage, drive to be successful, intelligence and beauty inside and out! My sister and I are proud Jamericans, embracing out mother's heritage!" - @jamaicanmae

18 of 23 Instagram/spicegirlgin

"I have my mom's eyes, burst-of-sunshine personality, make-you-feel-good humor and love for life." - @spicegirlgin

19 of 23 Instagram/supahaccess

"I have my mom's nose, eyes, smile, beauty, grace and wisdom. I couldn't have prayed for a better mom." - @suphaccess

20 of 23 Instagram/sharonjoysalon

"I have my mom's IT. That IT factor that you can't really put your finger on but it is clear as day to those who remember her and now know me. I am my mom's reflection. I look in the mirror and what do I see? I see my mom in me. I love her so much. I miss you today, every day, every second." - @sharonjoysalon

21 of 23 Instagram/mechazzyb

"I have my mom's inner strength and resilience. As I continue to become the woman God created me to be, I realize how alike my mother and I are. I can do all things through Christ ... and with the love and encouragement from my mom." - @mechazzyb

22 of 23 Instagram/theangellea

"I have my mom's entire face!! I also have her heart and loving spirit. This will be year nine of her being gone to glory. Oh, how I miss her. She was the BEST mommy ever." - @theangellea

23 of 23 Instagram/elmae45

"I have my mom's smile that shines from her heart!" - @elmae45


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