How To Wear: Denim Cut-Offs

How To Wear: Denim Cut-Offs
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 04, 2011

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Ciara adds a feminine flowing top and pretty ballerina inspired flats to create a flirty vibe with her boyfriend shorts.

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To add dimension, Halle Berry layers a gray linen tunic over a sheer, gauzy black tank.

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The crop-top sweater and peep-toe pumps add a retro vixen vibe to this short shorts. Opt for high waist options like Tika’s to make the look pop.

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It sounds less than tasteful but pairing short shorts with knee highs can be a chic statement. Case in point: Rihanna’s nude colored, lace-up knee highs.

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There’s nothing like oversized shirts and tanks to add a rough edge to dainty shorts. Rihanna tries this with successful results!

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Whether you want to minimize your thighs or add a pop of color, layering stocking under your short shorts will do te trick.

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The black fedora adds a cool factor to an otherwise casual shorts and tee look on Beyonce.

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Serena knows a thing or two about a bodacious beach body! Flatter your bikini like she does by opting for high waist short shorts.

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Denim shorts might be casual, but that’s no excuse to keep it there. Elevate it with an edgy vest like Dawn’s.

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Want to draw even more attention to your short shorts? Add a bold belt buckle ala Mary J. Blige. Her Hermes buckle adds splash and pop – elevating the casual shorts.

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Follow Eva’s mantra and “Bring It On!” From bold earrings to bright glasses to blingy bracelets, accessories can make an outfit based on plain shorts a powerful statement.

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An iconic bomber jacket, like Megan Goode’s satin version, can be a chic and inspired compliment to your short shorts. Try it in winter spring, summer or fall.

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There may be a dozen ways to dress up denim, but this way can feel the best: with a laid back top and comfy gladiator flats ala Alicia Keys.

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Don’t be scared to double up on your denim. Pair a denim jacket or shirt with denim shorts. It can feel so wrong, but the effect is so right.

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Like ice cream and waffle cones, nothing says summer like short shorts and a bright white top. Whether it’s a dress blazer like Marcia Ambrosius’ or a plain white T, you can’t go wrong!


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