How To Wear: Bold Belts

How To Wear: Bold Belts
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 18, 2011

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Take a cue from Kandi Burress and wear a corset belt over a flirty green mini. It accentuates the waist and pushes up the bust.

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Add definition to your favorite jumpers and body suits by adding your favorite broad belt like Lala Vazquez.

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Add femininity to a menswear ensemble by layering a chunky wide-waist belt over it.

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Don’t be scared to mix it up by adding a patterned corset belt to a printed dress or gown.

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Boost the energy in any look by mixing adding a corset belt over a look that pairs bold colors with equally bold prints.

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Made a traditional sheath dress modern by adding an accentuating corset belt.

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A black corset belt makes a bold contrast over a bright dress. Try this for chic results.

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Go for unity with a belt that echoes the color of the rest of your outfit. It’s slims and lengthens the body.

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Ramp up the fun on rompers with a buckled corset belt like Beyonce’s Chanel logo version.

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We love the figure flattering effect of a corset belt worn with a sleek mini. Get the look by pairing your belt with a simple, classic mini number.

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We love this look on Kerry Washington. The plunging neckline is tempered by a waist cinching gold corset belt.

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Switch things up a corset belt that ties like a bow.

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Add even va-va-voom to a sexy one shouldered top by cinching the waist with a corset belt.

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Make a conservative blazer stylish by looping in a corset belt like Viola Davis’.

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Celebrate colors by pairing a colorful corset belt with a two toned ensemble.

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A felt belt, like this one on Tracee Ellis Ross, adds texture to the tones on this gold lame dress.

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turn up the volume on a sleek Little Black Dress by pairing it with

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Step up a shimmery mini like Ciara by adding a waist-cinching corset belt.

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Accentuate the waist – and the bust – by layering a corset-style belt over it.

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Kerry Washington selects an ornate bow-tied corset belt to add texture to her sophisticated black sheath.

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Add edge to an elegant dress by adding a studded corset belt.

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Add strong structure to a draping dress with a bold, corset dress.

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A knee-length skirt gets a chic boost with a stretchy, wide corset belt.

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Be bold with a gold corset-style belt that will cinch the waist with style and grace.

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Add shape to a flowey maxi dress by pairing a waist-cinching corset belt over it.

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