How to Tell If You're Dating a Boy or a Man

How to Tell If You're Dating a Boy or a Man
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 24, 2011

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“The man is aiming at a goal; the boy is drifting aimlessly.” — Author Unknown

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Men make and keep commitment, boys don’t.

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Boys want a “wifey”. Men want a wife.

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A boy tells you about his day. A man will ask you about yours, and listen.

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Boys consume. Men produce.

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You can put your trust in a man. Your trust is always lost with a boy.

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Boys dress, talk, and act like everyone else. Men emulate no one.

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Men are never afraid to ask questions. Boys think they have it all figured out.

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Boys believe nothing is greater than themselves. Men believe in a higher power.

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Boys chase girls and women. Men chase family.

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Boys send text messages. Men call.

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Boys exist in stagnation. Men embrace change.

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Boys have liabilities. Men possess assets.

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Boys split the check. Men pay.

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Boys become selfish. Men are selfless.

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