How To Take Your Best Selfie

Our social media obsessed Curvy Model of The Month, Kamie Crawford, teaches you how to serve it in your next selfie.

Celia L. Smith May, 27, 2014

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"Find 'that good lighting,'" is rule #1 for Kamie Crawford who is signed to JAG Models Agency. "Natural light is always the best lighting for selfies. Inside lighting usually casts unwanted shadows on the face, so I prefer to take my photos near a window. If I do take a selfie indoors I always use the flash. The worst lighting is no lighting. Find your light ladies and snap away!"

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"Use your back camera with the flash instead of the front camera for better clarity."

Beauty Tip: A good concealer, groomed brows, great mascara and a pretty lipgloss will give you the perfect natural look for selfies without having to be so made up. Sometimes the best selfies (AKA the ones that get the most likes) come from the simplest of makeup looks or what I like to call the 'light beat.'"

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"Take a bunch! Let's face it, at least three out of the fifty takes are going to be Instagram worthy," the model tells us. "BUT CAUTION: Do not upload those three amazing selfies back to back to back. Save two for those rainy days when you haven't posted in a while. Keep selfies on deck at all times."

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"Look at the camera and away from the camera to add some variety to your choices. I tend to love my looking away selfies because they have that candid quality to them," explains Kamie. "If you're taking a profile or angled selfie, lift your tongue area to the roof of your mouth. It makes your jawline look sleeker and prevents that 'double chin' look."

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"Don't worry about this whole 'no filter' nonsense," says Crawford. "I love a filter! Sometimes you need them to make your photos pop! My favorite filter: Valencia, it makes everything pop! It makes your skin look silky and vibrant. I love it. "


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