How to Spring Clean Your Sex Life

A Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Sex Life
ESSENCE.COM Mar, 29, 2012

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Toss out last season’s négligée numbers and head to the nearest boutique to swipe new matching panties and bustiers on your debit card. Go ahead, splurge a little. You’ll love it. He’ll love it. It’s win-win.

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Enough with the on-again-off-again nonsense; he shouldn’t be allowed to hop in and out of your sheets if he doesn’t plan to stick around. Stop right now, scroll through your contacts and find all the men who fit the description. Now, delete them from the list because they aren’t worthy of your goodies. Yes, ladies, it’s time to clean out those (sexual) closets. Go!

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If you haven’t had an STD/HIV screening in the past six months, make your next appointment today. It’s important to know your status so you can share it with your partner and be confident in what you’re bringing to the table.

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If you’re ready to bring new experiences into your bedroom why not refresh your surroundings while you’re at it? Swap out those faux flowers in the vase on your dresser in favor of fresh ones that will fill the room with titillating scents to stimulate your senses.

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You know that pole dancing exercise class you keep almost signing up for with the girls? It’s time to enroll! Don’t let the chance to learn one or two sexy new moves to whip out on him pass you by. Added bonus: You’re sure to drop a few pounds and boost your confidence levels immediately.

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You may be focused on your own mojo for now, but remember, your sheets can feel sexy too. Now that spring has sprung, switch out your old furry winter blankets in favor of silky, soft bed sets and feathery down quilts. Slip into the good stuff.

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Brazilian wax anyone? Yes, we know they can be painful, but if you’re looking to “tidy up” for the spring, it’s the perfect way to feel instantly refreshed down there.

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