How To: Shop Denim For Curves

Mona Powell, our Curvy Model of The Month shares her tips and tricks to shopping denim for voluptuous shapes.

Mona Powell Aug, 13, 2014

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"You can't go wrong with a little stretch in your jean," says the model, shown here dancing in a pair.  "Not only does it make them more comfortable, it also helps them keep their shape."

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"My go-to pair of jeans are dark wash that have a slightly higher waist. ultra-low cut jeans aren't as flattering on my shape."

Bootcut jeans, Old Nay Plus, $38,

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"I also like the larger back pockets with detail to accent the booty! I love my derriere so a little extra attention to the back pockets is always fun."

590 Fuller Waist Cut Jeans, Levi's, $43,

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"As far as cut, I tend to gravitate to the straight leg or match stick. The ultra-skinny jeans tend to make women look really heavy in the thigh so just a little extra material through the lower half of the leg helps even me out. A boot cut with some fun, ultra high heals are also great. You can add inches to the length of your legs!"

Straight leg jeans, H&M, $40,

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"The top two brands that I can't live without are CJ by Cookie Johnson and Torrid,"

Straight leg jeans, CJ by Cookie Johnson, $148,


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