How To Overcome Natural Hair Stereotypes

Natural hair is huge. Most women are making the decision to transition to natural hair. However, there are still some people that will criticize you about going natural due to their own ignorance about the movement. When you are going natural for the first time it can be very discouraging to see those negative comments. I have created a few tips that you can use to overcome natural hair stereotypes...

MahoganyCurls Sep, 23, 2014

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Natural hair groups are amazing. It’s a great way to connect with other individuals that are going through similar experiences.

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Realize that this journey is for you and not anyone else. People will try to say things that will intimidate you about your journey but understand at the end of the day you will have to make the final decision.

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Prove them wrong. Most people are not used to something that they do not see often. Show them that natural hair can be fun, stylish, and of course beautiful.

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Ignore the naysayers. It is best to ignore the negative energy and move on with your life. You will enjoy your journey a lot more if you do not focus on the negative attention.


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