How to Not Lose A Friend Over Facebook

Don't let Facebook cost you a friend. Here's how to avoid the drama.
Charli Penn Feb, 22, 2012

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Here’s the scenario: Your friend said, or did, something that has your blood boiling, and you absolutely must have the last word. You take to Facebook to say your piece. Hours later, you’ve calmed down and are ready to move on, but it’s too late, because she’s already seen that cryptic status update (that was totally directed to her) you posted. Uh-oh! Never let a friend find out how you really feel by reading about it on your feed. There are more mature way to communicate.

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You might like to share the love on Facebook, but not everyone wants their private life displayed publicly. Before you include location, dates, and times in your Facebook photo captions, be sure everyone in the photo is cool with it. She may not be tagged in the photo, but if you run in the same social circles, she could easily be recognized by others.

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Nowadays it’s safe to say that if you’re Facebook friends, you’re cool. This means that remaining friends with your girl’s ex boyfriend or arch nemesis after she has asked you not to, could easily imply that you’re forming an alliance with the “other side”. Plus, the very person she’s trying to avoid may still be able to see what she’s up to through the activity on your wall. The safest bet is to go ahead and click that unfriend button.

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Yes, we sometimes do more texting and Facebook messaging than talking, but we mustn’t forget that it’s not the same thing as having a face-to-face conversation. Put simply, adding an “LOL” at the end of the sly remark you made about her outfit on her wall, won’t always be met with a smile. To avoid her confusing your lighthearted joke as a public insult, don’t comment in ways that could easily be misinterpreted. Save it for when you see her.

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Just because you look amazing in that photo from the other night, that doesn’t mean the rest of the girls do too. Be kind and ask her how she feels about you posting potentially questionable photos before you tag them for all the world to see.

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Since Facebook allows you to connect and share pictures and status updates from all your favorite apps (think: Twitter, Foursquare, and Tumblr), getting caught in a little white lie has never been easier. If you tell your girlfriend you can’t go out for drinks because you’re “too sick” to chill, but she spots you checking into another bar a few hours later, chances are she won’t be making any plans with you again. Tell the truth and spare the drama.


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