How to Get The Perfect Double Strand Twist in 4 Steps

Shea Moisture hairstylist, David Lopez helps us master the techniques to achieving two-strand twists on short or long hair.

Deena Campbell Nov, 23, 2015

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The first thing you must do to ensure the perfect twist is to hydrated your curls. "If you have dehydrated or tight hair, apply BaoTein Precious Oils Complex Vibrant Color Conditioner to dry hair prior to washing," says Lopez.

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Masques are a great way to add extra hydration after you’ve cleansed your hair. Lopez suggests applying Shea Moisture's recovery masque with a couple of drops of the Smoothing Oil throughout your hair. “Completely saturate your hair and rinse until the runoff is still slightly cloudy, leaving a small amount of the mask in the ends,” says Lopez.

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Next, Lopez says apply a leave-conditioner (we like Shea Moisture's Curl Memory Leave-In Conditioner) to large three inch square sections of hair. Divide each section in half and twist together. Smooth hair prior to twisting with a paddle brush if not completely detangled. Sit under hooded dryer until completely dry and gently untwist each section. 

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Finally, Lopez says apply a shine glaze and gently pull apart sections to create fullness.


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