How To Create New Holiday Traditions With Your Man

Put a new spin on your holiday romance with these tips and tricks.

The Matchmaking Duo Nov, 24, 2015

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“You must create memories in order to be remembered.” When we coach our clients we quote this hundreds of times. Making memories strengthens the bonds between you and those you love.  You should blend old and new traditions to create your own holiday love legacy. Need some inspiration? These nine ideas will get you started.

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What values do you stand on? Honor, respect, Integrity? Design one together and your family will have it for generations to come. It can easily become a family heirloom and perhaps you can incorporate it in a visual holiday season. It also serves as a reminder when a family issue arises on the principles you’re all made of and what holds you together.

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We all have the family staples at dinner but try to find some “out of this world” signature recipes to bring and add your own twist that family will look forward to every year. You and your man can combine your taste buds and create something to incorporate both. Start practicing weeks before just to perfect it and have fun. Try feeding each other while taste testing until it’s just right! (Wink!)

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Not every family member is a gamester, but for those who enjoy the entertainment and interaction, have a game room or space devoted to not only the staples like Taboo and cards but one or two new games you can find at your local store that look like fun and can bring people together. Try to get everyone involved even the kids so all will feel a part of the family. Remember it’s all about making memories.

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If the family is getting together on the actual holiday, schedule a romantic dinner out, get tickets to a sporting event, or even plan a staycation the weekend after when the rates are down as people travel back home. This can be something the two of you look forward to every year. You are guaranteed a special time after the hustle and bustle of the year just for the two of you.

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Take a moment to remind each other and family just why you’re thankful for them. Make it fun.  Just as we sometimes do a grab bag for gift giving, ask everyone to email you one or two lines saying what they’re thankful for with their name at the end and put each one in a bag. Before you eat, ask everyone to randomly pull out a card and read what the other person is thankful for. Be prepared for smiles and tears!

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Whether you’re out of town visiting family and staying over, folks are waking up at your house or it’s just you that next day after the holiday, many people just want to sleep late and relax warming up leftovers for breakfast.  Pre-select a great list of movies to play in a room where folks can relax in their pj’s and be entertained. Let them chose from a great action packed sci-fi, comedy, holiday movies or even a good family favorite. The bonding will happen!

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So many organizations are in need of donations of gifts, money or your time. Find a cause that is near and dear to your hearts and give back together. Whether you physically go and help out or collect donations from everyone and present it on your family’s behalf, this can really be a great way to remind everyone for the reason for the season.

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By this time you’ve added five pounds to each hip with all of the holiday favorites you ate still hanging around. Suggest a family or couples walk around the neighborhood or perhaps a workout video or family fun-run. Send out a memo to remind everyone to bring their sneakers, workout gear and layered clothing depending on what part of the region you are in. Create a healthy contest and have all of the kids make paper medals to hand out at the end of the race. Additionally, you can make family signs together to support Team Smith or Team Jones. This is an activity to incorporate everyone, including grandma and grandpa who would be happy to hold the signs and cheer the family. on.

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Start documenting the growth you as a couple and your family have had over the years. Collect photos and download free newsletter software that will basically do the work for you. Bring copies to hand out or mail to family and friends.

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