How to Build Your Own At-Home Gym

You don't need a fancy gym membership or a mega home gym if you don’t have the space or proper finances to make it happen. If you find yourself ready to take your workout up a notch, these 7 easy essential items are all you need for a full-body workout at home.

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Dumbbells are small and inexpensive yet extremely effective when it comes to providing strength-training results. Incorporating small weights into your workouts will strengthen your cardiovascular system, help you burn more calories and increase your muscle mass.

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Is your goal to burn more fat? Then the kettlebell may be more effective than the more traditional dumbbell. The shape allows for higher and more intense repetitions in a shorter amount of time, targeting more muscles at a time, and in turn increasing your body’s fat-burning metabolism.

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If the idea of weights around the house doesn’t sit well with you, you can also try resistance bands. You can get the same intense strength training workout and then just fold them up and put them away in the closet. Not to mention the ability to throw them in your bag and take them anywhere you’d like.

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When I don’t have time to hit the treadmill or squeeze in an outdoor run, my jump rope comes in handy as an intense cardiovascular workout. It is equally as incredible for fat burning and muscle toning. I usually turn on my favorite high-energy song and try to jump, non-stop, until it ends. Amazing workout!

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Incorporating yoga into your fitness routine will not only help reduce stress levels but will vastly improve your flexibility, blood circulation and overall posture. The practice is amazing for weight loss and muscle toning, as well. Even those who struggle with insomnia find yoga improves their condition and helps them get some Zzz's.

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Are you looking to target and tone your abs? Consider buying an exercise ball. Incorporating one into your workouts will help strengthen your core muscles and overall balance. If you work at a desk job, I would even suggest swapping out your chair for one as it's Incredible for your posture.

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Ladies, toss out those old sweatpants! Having cute workout wear at home can serve as an extra incentive to get up and break a sweat. Not interested in spending tons of money on expensive workout apparel and footwear? You don’t have to! Sign up for Planet Gear and receive daily deals in your inbox (or as often as you’d like) to get up to 70% off retail price. Think of it as the fitness version of Groupon. 

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Francheska Medina is the creator and editor of Hey Fran Hey, a health, fitness and hair blog that focuses on natural, wholesome living with a bohemian twist. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.