Hot Hair: Tress Twins

When it comes to rocking a unique hairstyle, there a kernel of truth to the saying, "there's nothing new under the sun!" Even superstars like Ciara and Kelly Rowland, who have access to the hottest glam squads on the planet, still manage to end up sporting the exact same hairstyle. Check out our gallery of A-listers sporting identical mane moments.
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 13, 2010

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Both Cassie and Katerina Graham toss their long, dark waves over one shoulder for a sultry, mysterious look.

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Both Estelle and Keri Hilson look chic and sophisticated vibe with their piece-y, wavy, bobs.

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With their identical amber-streaked, lightly layered waves, Holly Robinson Peete and Serena Williams could pass as sisters.

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Straight, jet-black, and parted to the side, Zoe Saldana and Malinda Williams’ do’s are strikingly similar.

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Tyra and Lala Vasquez look stunningly glam in these retro chic, side-swept buns.

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Kelly Rowland and Ciara look wildly chic in full bangs and waist-length locks.

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As both Aisha Tyler and Keisha Whitaker know, nothing’s easier or cooler in the summer than a breezy side-pony! They both rock the look with tousled, sideswept bangs.

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Jada Pinkett and Mariah Carey look adorable with their all-over spiral curls and corkscrew bangs. This unstudied, slightly rumpled look is so sexy!

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Zoe Kravitz and Nicole Richie both look casually elegant with their high topknots and heavy, eyelash-grazing bangs.

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Garcelle Beauvais and Niecy Nash epitomize summertime chic with oversized red flowers tucked behind their ear.

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Nia Long and Gabrielle Union take a break from the relentless heat by slicking their strands into tight buns at the nape of their neck. The deep side part is so crisp!

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Both Mary J. Blige and Rihanna were ahead of the trend with their retro chic, platinum blonde bowl cuts.

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Beyonce and Alicia Keys add some edge to their look with this half-up/half-down, exaggerated pompadour style.


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