Hot Hair: Ten Ways to Spice Up Your Big Chop

One of the most anxiety-inducing stages of going natural is how and when to do the big chop. After weeks of ditching the "creamy crack," some newly naturals decide to cut off their relaxed ends and rock a super-short curly 'fro. Although you're short on length, you don't have to be short on style. Here are 10 ways to add sizzle to your big chop.
Nicole Marie Melton Jul, 11, 2013

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Chrisette Michelle added major pizzaz to her Big Chop by sporting a neon pink lip. Experimenting with makeup is a great way to accentuate your face in your newly short hairstyle. If you’ve never considered bright lipstick before, now’s your chance to have fun with it!

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With shorter hair, it’s easier to see strong facial features, especially the eyes. Go bold with lush lashes like Kim Coles’ that are sure to give your a new look an eye-catching twist.

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When Solange debuted her Big Chop, she added a funky side part do her cut. To create your own, take a rattail comb, create the part, and use a paddle brush to slick hair down in opposing directions.

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Adding length at the crown of short hair while keeping the sides more tapered like Kelis has done is a sexy way to add shape. As your hair grows out you can fluff up the longer strands or even brush them to the front to create mini-bangs.

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Now that your hair is much shorter, a daring hair color can add major sizzle. If you’ve ever wanted to go platinum blonde, now is the time to do it. If you encounter breakage —which is the worst case scenario— it’s easier to remedy on short hair than long hair. The best case scenario? You’ll look extra fierce in your new hue!

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Little pops of sparkle like Kim Coles’ crown barette are a favorite among ladies with shorter strands. Headbands are also a fun (and cheap!) way to spruce up short hair. The best places to find cute hair accessories are beauty supply stores, H&M, Forever 21 and even the dollar store!

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Earrings are a TWA’s best friend! (That’s "Teeny-Weeny Afro for the newly naturals.) It’s totally a myth that women with short hair can’t wear big earrings. From hanging chandeliers to oversized hoops like Danai Gurira’s, never leave home without something on your ears.

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Once you grow about three inches of length, play around with changing the direction of your curls. Brush them to the left or right or try bringing them forward for fullness around your bang area.

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Now that you don’t have hair hanging on your neck, this is a great time to experiment with more daring necklines. If you’re self conscious about your face being too round without long hair, a V-neckline like Viola Davis’ will make you look slimmer and taller. Cowl and scoop necklines are great alternatives as well.

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Having the confidence to rock short hair starts from within. Whether your hair is shaved totally off or hanging down your back, you are still beautiful in your own special way. Embrace your inner fierceness and remember that a bright, beaming smile is the best accessory of them all!


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