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January: Straight Hair
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 08, 2011

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Whether you’re natural or relaxed, you can still run into issues straightening your strands at home. Here’s how to do it right!

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Goody Wide Tooth Rat Tail Comb ($2.99, at drugstores) is excellent for detangling knots and making precise parts.

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Make a center part and a part across the top of your head from ear to ear (it should make a “T”). Pile damp hair on top of your head and pull out small sections, starting at the nape of your neck.

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Soft & Beautiful Ultimate Style Protect Styling Spritz ($1, contains vitamin E and essentials oils to nourish your ’do and protect it from heat damage.

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Blowdry each section using a paddle brush and a hairdryer with a nozzle attachment. Try Conair Infiniti Ionic Hairdryer ($39,

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If managing a brush and a blowdryer is too difficult, attach Gold N Hot Styling Pik Attachment ($4.49, to your hairdryer and comb through wet hair.

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Phytolisse Finishing Serum ($32, prevents frizz while adding a weightless sheen and light hold. Apply before wrapping your strands.

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For the straightest strands, wrap hair after blowdrying (or skip blowdrying, and wrap hair wet). To start, create a center part and use a brush to smooth one side behind an ear.

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Denman Squargonomics Brush (left, $8.99, and Denman Classic Styling Brush (middle right, $10.99, far right, $8.99) are must-have tools for smoothing your hair into the wrap.

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To continue your wrap, brush one side down past your ear and around the back of your head. Hold the top of your hair in place with your hand, and brush hair in a circular motion.

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To hold wrap in place, slide in curved wrap pins about three inches apart, all the way around your head.

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Goody Mosaic Collection Perfect Wrap Bobby Pins ($4, help keep your wrap in place while you sleep.

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Voila! A perfectly pinned wrap. When you unwrap it, your hair will be straight, silky, and beyond sexy.

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Before heat-styling, spritz on Mizani Gloss Veil Shine Spray ($11, for glossy, frizz-free strands.

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Wraps don’t agree with everyone! If its not for you, try flatironing your tresses after you blowdry. But first, run a heat protector over small sections of hair.

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Roots of Nature Thermal Smoothing Serum helps straighten frizzy strands and protect hair from heat damage. Perfect to use before blowdrying!

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Hot Tools Titanium T1 Flatiron ($43, evenly distributes heat so you don’t get “hot spots” in your hair — only shiny, smooth tresses.

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To flatiron, run a one inch iron over small sections of your hair.

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After flatironing, add Diane Snap-On Magnetic Rollers ($5, to your ends and blast with heat from a blowdryer to give your flatironed ’do a nice bend.

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A beautiful blowout, thanks to you fierce flatironing skills!

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Extend the life of your blowout with Branche Charmeuse Case ($84, The 100% silk case smooths your blowout’s cuticle layer, adds body and reduces breakage.

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