Hot Hair: Sexy Evening Styles

It's finally fall, which means holiday party season is right around the corner! Jazz up your evening look with some of the sexiest styles of the season. From a retro Grace Jones flattop to mile-long waves, these 'dos are sure to dazzle.
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 05, 2011

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Rock a bold look with pinned-up, loose curls. “This is a freestyle updo in which the curls go in different directions for an avant-garde look,” says New York city-based stylist Dante Blandshaw.

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To get the most out of your glorious natural puff, mist hair with a leave-in like Infusium 23 Leave-in Treatment and brush toward the crown. Secure with a band and fluff hair for a playful look.

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Go for a high drama ’do with this long mushroom bob. To get the look, first use a round brush to blow hair straight, then curl it under with a two-inch barrel iron.

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Celeb stylist Tippi Shorter designed a faux asymmetrical cut by making a low side part (brow to nape), brushing and smoothing sides under the loose hair, and securing with bobby pins.

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“Create the illusion of a sculpted shape when you dry the hair,” says Shorter. She applied leave-in conditioner, used a diffuser to dry sides and back, and pulled up the front to add height.

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For an elegant take on old school braids, pair them with a modern pompadour ponytail piled high at the crown.

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This razor cut is daring and fabulous! Blandshaw advises using a ceramic flat iron to straighten hair in small sections before styling with fingers dipped in pomade or wax.

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Fashioning a fresh take on a long bob, Shorter made a high part and brushed one side behind the ear, tucking it underneath the hair at the nape, and securing with pins.

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To get this slightly imperfect updo, spritz a brush with hairspray and brush over to one side. Sweep it toward the front, tease lightly and create a loose pin-curl, securing with bobby pins.

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A defined afro a’la Grace Jones is fab for avant garde girls. Ask your stylist or barber for a modern take on a “high top fade.”

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This strong, yet feminine, braided ponytail is perfect for a fall fete. “The high pony really brings out your features,” says Blandshaw.

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Play up lush loose curls with this Donna Summers-inspired ’do. “After using a flat iron to straighten hair, add texture by curling it in sections,” explains Edris, owner of the NYC-based salon.

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Channel your inner Lena Horne with this classic upsweep. “Create soft curls with a curling iron, then pin them up, but not super neat,” says Blandshaw.

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Shorter brushed the hair on the sides and tucked it into a roll, securing with pins. Using a large barrel iron, she curled the crown upwards and lifted the top towards the center.


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