Hot Hair: Scarf Hair Accessories

Hot Hair: Scarf Hair Accessories
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 17, 2011

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Rihanna ties a handkerchief around her messy chic, curly updo. So cute!

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Solange wraps her afro up into an ethnic print turban.

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Shingai Shoniwa goes for a dramatic look by wrapping a gold scarf around her head and tying it into a huge bow.

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Nicki Minaj throws a turquoise and pink-printed scarf over her platinum wig for an unexpectedly fun look.

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Estelle wrapped her hair in a navy and yellow-printed scarf, tying it at the nape of her neck for an easy-breezy vibe.

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Angela Bassett added a pop of color to her ensemble with a brightly printed head scarf.

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At her birthday party, “Pussycat Doll” singer Melody Thornton looked festive in an embroidered, lacy scarf-turned-headband.

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Stylist June Ambrose wraps a bright turquoise scarf into a super-high turban. So chic with her orange feathers!

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Joy Bryant rocks a colorful Missoni for Target scarf around her head at the launch party.

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During a beach frolic, Jessica White tied on an oversized melon-hued scarf, pirate-style.

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Alek Wek brightened up her aqua blue shift with a colorful headscarf.

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India Arie hit the Grammy’s wearing a stunning ocean blue turban.

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Gorgeous model-turned-author Waris Darie wrapped her hair in a white scarf, putting her lovely features on display.


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