Hot Hair: Salon Style, Braids

ESSENCE.COM Aug, 27, 2008

1 of 10 Chris Militscher

Reinvent your updo by adding a few beautiful braids. Stop scalp itch on the spot with Soft & Beautiful Anti-Itch Scalp Cream.

2 of 10 Roberto Ligresti

At the point where the cornrows stop, the remaining section is braided into long plaits that end at the shoulder. Phytospecific Shea Butter Beauty Styling Cream will keep hair well groomed.

3 of 10 Fabrice Trombert

Prevent breakage by letting your stylist know if braids are too tight. Be sure to keep plaits conditioned and hydrated with Dr. Miracle’s Braid Relief Spray.

4 of 10 Ondrea Barbe

This versatile style can be pinned up or released at the top for a more playful look. To revitalize braids, try Taliah Waalid African Healing Oyl.

5 of 10 Haitem

Intricate cornrows, spring coils and a blend of honey hues make this look cute and creative. Before braiding, treat your scalp with John Frieda Relax Moisture Remedy.

6 of 10 Haitem

Make a bold statement with cornrows that flow free at the crown and try Infusium 23 Power Pac Conditioner 3-Minute Intensive Treatment for a weekly intensive treatment.

7 of 10 Fabrice Trombert

For healthy hair, add sheen and keep your scalp hydrated with Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Nourishing Sheen Spray.

8 of 10 Ondrea Barbe

Braids along one side give a new feel to an old favorite. Apply Ellin LaVar Textures LiquidGlass for a sexy sheen.

9 of 10 Paul Sunday

Braids blended into a chic chignon give your evening updo an unexpected edge. Ensure healthy strands by applying Carol’s Daughter Hair Elixer.

10 of 10 Ondrea Barbe

Apply Jane Carter Nourish & Shine Hairdress to condition your hair when rocking a no-frills French braid.


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