Hot Hair Issue: Shear Magic

Hot Hair Issue: Shear Magic
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 07, 2011

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Helen Williams Nurse, a super-busy wife and mother of three, wears her hair natural but she never has the time for salon visits. Celeb stylist Keith Campbell decided to update her ’do!

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Campbell dyed Helen’s deep brown strands a warm shade of honey brown. “Helen has nice caramel and gold undertones, and I just went with it,” he says.

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With Helen’s hair pin-straight, Campbell trimmed her tresses to create a sexy, textured look.

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Frederic Fekkai Classic Brush ($95, Neiman Marcus), Suave Color Protection Shampoo ($2,, Free Your Mane Pomade ($16,, Joico Conditioner ($$16, professional salons)

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Helen loved her swingy, sexy bob! “I feel really good,” she says. “It’s given me that boost.” The best part? She can wear this ’do either straight or natural!

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Akkida had been rocking her natural in 2-strand twists or a short ’fro for almost a decade, so it was time to spice things up with an attention-grabbing style!

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To highlight Akkida’s skin tone, Campbell picked a vibrant shade of burgundy for her hair.

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Campbell decided to straighten Akkida’s strands to give her another option. “Trying a different style can lead to a look she may want to revisit,” he said.

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After a trim, Campbell added personality pieces — extensions in different shades of red — for fullness. Smyler played with plum on the lids to give her a sultry eye.

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Aveda Hair Control Hair Spray ($24,, KeraCare Detangling Shampoo ($7,, Jane Carter Solution Nourish and Shine ($22, janecartersolution.

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What does Akkida think of her fancy new mane? “I was surprised, and I love the color,” she says. “Even if my hair grows longer and I change the style, I want to keep this color. I absolutely love it!”

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Shazmine chopped her relaxed locks last year, and now she’s “been trying to figure out what to do with my hair, because I’m not used to the length,” she says.

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When Shazmin arrived, her tresses were two different colors. Celeb stylist Ursula Stephen dyed her hair a deep brown to keep the tone uniform.

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“Having gotten the color just right, Stephen combed down Shazmin’s hair, wrapped it on jumbo endpapers, and sat her under a hard hat dryer.

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After shaping Shazmin’s hair, Stephen added light brown extensions in teh front to compliment the highlights she’s growing out.

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Motions Conditioning Spray ($5, drugstores), FHI Flat Iron ($195, Rickey’s NYC), Mixed Chicks Hair Silk ($12,, Ultra Smooth Protection Spray ($34m, Wlagreens).

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Shazmin was seriously impressed with her new edgy, oh-so-chic bob. “The hairstyle is great,” she gushed. “I feel like I look more grown-up now, and I love that!”

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Francie, a mom of three under seven, had been growing out her relaxer for for months when she gave Stephen mane control. “I was treating my hair as if it were all natural, but it wasn’t!”

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After cutting off her relaxed ends, Stephen dyed Francie’s hair a lively red. “I gave her a color that’s upbeat, but not too crazy,” she said.

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Once the cut and color were complete, Stephen used a fine-tooth comb and styling gel to create small, loose twists all over Francie’s head.

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Stephen finished Francie’s look by clipping in a few extensions at the top, while Smyler contoured her face with blush and emphasized her lips.

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Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner ($20,, Organic Root Stimulator Lock & Twist Gel ($4,, Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion ($5, drugstores)

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Despite losing lots of length, Francie loved her new look after the Big Chop. “Being able to see my natural curl pattern is really cool,” she said. “I will definitely maintain it!”


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