Hot Hair Issue: Best Bangs For Your Face Shape

Hot Hair Issue: Best Bangs For Your Face Shape
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 09, 2011

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You are oval if your face is slightly longer than it is wide. Women with oval-shaped faces have higher hairlines and rounded chins.

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Try solid, blunt bangs. “Women with oval faces tend to have a lot of space between their hairline and brow, so full bangs are favorable,” says celeb hairstylist Tippi Shorter.

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Don’t be fooled into thinking less is more! Wispy, piecey bangs will actually expose a prominent forehead instead of concealing it. Add some tight waves to take up space.

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“Oval faces are long, but they’re symmetrical,” says Maurice Smith of Ujima Hairworcz in Oakland, California. Try a romantic swoop to add camouflage a wide forehead.

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You’re square if you have a strong, prominent jawline and the length and width of your face are about the same.

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If you have a square face, try long, tapered bangs. Fringe that hangs below the brow perfectly balances the defined angles that characterize square faces.

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Opt for styles that make your forehead a focal point — avoid asymmetric bangs that add harsh lines and harden your look.

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Try tapering the sides of the bangs and adding a bit of curl. This will help minimize sharp angles and create softness.

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You are round if your face is as wide as it is long. Round faces have fuller cheeks, rounder chins and smoother jawlines.

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Try bangs that graze or frame your eyebrows. They work best on women with found faces by creating the illusion of length.

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Shorter recommends asking your stylist to use the “point tip technique” to keep them from becoming too heavy, which can shorten the face.

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“You want to balance a round face so it doesn’t look flat or pie-shaped,” says Tara Patterson, owner of Simply Chic Hair Studio in Maplewood, NJ. Avoid short bangs — they make the face look wider!

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You are heart-shaped if you have a widow’s peak — a slight dip in the hairline at the center of your forehead — or if your hairline rises slightly at the corners.

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According to Shorter, its important to keep your bangs a little long — below the brow, even — so you can swoop the bang off to the side. Add some soft, feathered curls for a romantic effect!

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Try side-parted, side-swept bangs — they camouflage the high corners of your hairline with romantic fringe.

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Avoid a blunt cut. That Dutch girl look will make your head appear heavy and wide on top. Instead, rock an asymmetric bang cut on an angle across your forehead.


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