Hot Hair: Day to Night 'Dos

A great should do many things. It should enhance your features and flatter your face shape--but most of all? A truly awesome haircut should be versatile enough to always look stunning, no matter the occasion. From Jada Pinkett to Beyonce, here are eight A-listers whose haircuts look dazzling styled for both day and night.
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 06, 2010

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For day, Tracee Ellis Ross rocks a head full of natural coils. For night, she defines her ringlets with a 1" barrel curling iron, pinning them up on one side and tucking under to create a faux bun.

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For day, Rihanna ties a handkerchief around her messy chic, curly bun. For a dressier look, she sets her hair on hot rollers, teases the roots and fingerstyles for a fancy finish.

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For a casual look, Lala gathers her strands into a low pony, sweeping her bangs to one side. For a dressier moment, she trades in the pony for an oversized, braided bun.

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Kelly rocks big, rippling ringlets for a day look, and pins her strands up in a low chignon for a red carpet-sexy style.

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For a casual look, Garcelle sports the coolest daytime ’do of the moment, the side plait. At night, she wears tousled and teased curls with the top half pinned back.

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With her long layers and soft, copper color, her medium-length hairstyle is low-key fabulous. To dress things up, pairs a sleek pompadour with a tight, slicked-back bun.

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For day, Jada pulls her mile-long locks into a low pony — which she trades in for a high bun on elegant occasions.

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For day, Mary J. Blige keeps her bowl cut looking casually tousled. For night, she curls her bangs back, creating a sophisticated pompadour with tons of volume.

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Zoe Saldana rocks her shoulder-length shag loose and lightly waved for day, and sports a “Swiss Miss”-style braided updo for night.

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Vanessa Simmons’ boyish, cropped style looks casual with a deep part and sleek, swooping bangs. But for the red carpet, she dresses up her coif with a tumble of tousled curls.

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Keri Hilson’s day look is sleek, straight, and crisp. At night, she sexes it up by adding body and a few curls to her bangs.

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For day, Kerry’s glossy, perfectly defined ringlets give her a sweet, innocent feel. For night, she sports a sleek, flatironed ’do and smoky eyes—fierce!

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Janet Jackson goes corporate for day with this sleek, straight style. But for fancy occasions, she dresses up her crop with finger-styled curls.

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Beyonce’s daytime hair look is long, loose, and parted down the middle. For the red carpet, though, she sweeps her strands back in a low, Evita Peron-style bun.


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