Holly Robinson Peete and Her Pack

Holly Robinson Peete and Her Pack
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 28, 2011

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My how they’ve grown! Holly’s twins Rodney Jr. and Ryan, 14, and little Robinson stop for a quick picture with mommy.

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The Peete’s always put their children front and center.

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You can always see the Peete’s on the go.

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Peete and two of her leading men attend the Espy Awards with a family friend.

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The picture-perfect family on a Hollywood outing.

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“If I’ve learned anything from motherhood, it’s that I need to keep my eyes open and be present for every moment,” says Holly.

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Peete holds Rodney Jr. close during football camp.

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Holly and her daughter Ryan wrote a childrens book called “My Brother Charlie” about her son Rodney Jr’s autism.

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Robinson stops for a gatorade break during soccer practice.

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The whole clan, Ryan, Rodney Jr, Robinson, and Roman pose for this picture.

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Daddy’s girl Ryan, and Mommy’s boy, Rodney Jr. are extremely close knit.

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The Peetes stay close during a movie premiere.

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Peete calls her four children her “greatest achievment.”

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An older picture of Peete glowing with daughter Ryan and one on the way!

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Ever since her son Rodney Jr. (now 14) was diagnosed with autism, Holly has been a staunch advocate for the awareness surrounding the disability.

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