Holiday Gift Guide: What to Get The Man In Your Life (Based On Your 'Status!')

Holiday shopping can be tricky—especially if your relationship status is “complicated.” We’ve got your guide to what to buy him based on your dating status

Charli Penn Nov, 19, 2013

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He could be your crush. He could be your best friend. He could be the guy at work. Whoever he is, you have developed feelings for him and you're interested in seeing if there could be something more between you, so his name made its way onto your holiday gift list. Here are three things he'll love!

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It's not too much and it's not too little. He'll be happy to add Jay Z Gold ($70) to his collection and even happier he made your list this year.

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He can tow all of his gym essentials in style with this new gym bag from Nike ($20). Plus, there are enough color options to find his favorite. #winning

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Most men love sandwiches, and if he's a foodie, he'll love this gift even more. Popular book 101 Sandwiches ($12) is simple, practical and fun. Plus, it's not too personal, so you won't scare him off.

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He's not your boyfriend just yet, but you've sure been spending a lot of time together. We know, it's "complicated" but finding the right gift for him doesn't have to be. Here are three things your soon-to-be-boyfriend will love.

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The boyfriend who has everything probably doesn't have this. The Westmore 13" Convertible Sleeve ($59.95) can be a backpack or a tote with handle and it holds all his must have accessories, including a tablet or small laptop. The trendy pattern is an extra sell. He'll love it, promise.

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Up for a little subtle flirting with your new guy? Let him know you're getting more and more "comfortable" being his lady by gifting him with these cozy, yet chic, pajamas from H&M ($24.95).

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This will be the perfect addition to his home or work office. A retro favorite with a modern touch, The Radio Dock ($40) for smart phones will be the gift he loves best.

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Boyfriends don't always make it easy when you're probing for hints on what's on their holiday wishlist. You don't have to raid his stuff to get a clue. Try one of these three things and he's sure to thank you!

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Touchless control. Egronomic design. Wrist gesture camera access. All things Google at the touch of a finger. Are you intrigued yet? He will be. In a world where phones already do it all, it's nice to find one that's does more, for less. Get him the Moto X Phone for the ultimate holiday tech treat. (Starting at $99)

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A hard working man who likes to look and smell his best when he's out on the town with his lady will be as excited to unwrap the Working Man's Hygiene Kit ($50) as you would be to find a spa gift certificate in your stocking.

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If he's a guy on the go, he'll love these Limited Edition Powerbeats headphones designed by Lebron James ($149.95). He can wear them in the gym, on his run or on the court with the fellas and they won't budge.

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Congrats, you're engaged! Now what do you get the man who you'll soon be calling your husband? You want it to be a step up from last year but nothing too over-the-top since his and her wedding gifts are in your future. Try one of these three gift ideas.

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Help him dress to impress (without having to drag him to the mall) with a little help from a digital stylist. Introducing Trunk Club, a site that creates customized premium quality wardrobes for men handpicked by a stylist that bases their selections on the man's answers to a style guiz. Each wardrobe box is sent to users upon request. Skip the usual gift card and give him a "budget" on this site instead.

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If he's always working on the go, these WiFi Hotspot Cuff Links ($250) are going to be his new best friends. Function meets style effortlessly here, bringing your gift hunt to an end.

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Men love Man Crates like women love shoes. The Performance Sports Crate ($75) is a sure bet for a holiday gift idea your fitness-fanatic future hubby will love. it includes a jump rope, pull up bar and tons of energy-boosting healthy snacks to keep him as pumped in the gym as he will be when he opens this.

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Husbands are sometimes the toughest to shop for because you've shared so many holidays and birthday together already. If you're hoping to wow him one more time, one of these gifts should do the trick.

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You could fill the space beneath your tree with gifts for your hubby and kids this holiday season or you could trim down your shopping list and refill your glasses poolside while the kids enjoy a moment of beach bliss on a much-needed tropical getaway. Now which scenario sounds better to you? This gift for him is a gift for all. (Wink!)

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Turn his favorite photo into a work of art he can enjoy at home or in the office by having it made into a canvas painting. (Prices may vary.)

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If your hubby is a tech gadget guru, he's most likely already been talking your ear off over dinner about the new 3D printing craze. Help him get on it with this more affordable solution to a very pricey trend. Meet the FlashForge 3D Printer ($1,199). And, before you gasp at the price, remember, it's definitely cheaper than those new TVs you can tell what to do. Pick your poison. (Wink!)

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You don't have to have a romantic relationship with a man to want to show him some love for the holidays. Here are three gifts your male friends can get into.

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Give him a bunch of great gifts in one shot by designing your best guy friend a custom Manpack ($5-$40 an item) online. Choose from new clothing, accessories, condoms and more, all to be delivered right to his door in a gift box. If he loves it, he can subscribe and recieve more goodies monthly.

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Making cocktails on the fly just got easier. The Bar Book ($20) from Crate and Barrel includes recipes for classic and modern drink favorites he can learn, mix and pour for himself or company.

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The Gentleman Zipper Pouch ($28) is just the right combination of quirky and cool. He will be impressed, and he'll think of you every time packing for that overnight business trip is just that much easier.