Hip Hop Moms

Hip Hop Moms
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 26, 2011

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At the height of her fame, Lauryn dropped her mic and exited the stage to raise her children. Today, she a proud mother of six.

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Lauryn is pictured with her beautiful family.

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This “analog girl in a digital world” whom we first fell in love with in the 90s is now mom to 14-year-old Seven, seven-year-old Puma, and two-year-old Mars Merkaba.

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Badu shows off her baby bump while rocking the mic during a show.

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Far from her tomboy days, TLC’s Chilli is now mom to Tron Austin.

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Tron, now 14, shares a moment with his father, producer Dallas Austin, and Chilli.

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To us, she is T-Boz of the beloved 90s girl group TLC. To her daughter Chase, she is just mommy.

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In her prime, this former Queen Latifah protegee spit some of the illest rhymes. She continues to spread her love to her three children.

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Monie’s three beautiful children share a moment at the park.

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Though never a rapper, MJB’s influence on hip hop is undisputed. The Queen of hip hop soul is a proud stepmother to her husband Kendu Isaacs’ children.

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Once a devout emcee, Salt now dedicates her time to her family (she is pictured with daughter Corinne).

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Known to spit a few bars here and there, Jill Scott is also a proud mom to two0year-old Jett Hamilton.

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“It’s fantastic watching this little person expand every day,” says Jill about her bundle of joy.

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The widow of Notorious B.I.G., Faith Evans is mom to children Chyna Griffin, left, Joshua Russaw, and Christopher Jr.

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Faith is pictured with her son Christopher Wallace, Jr. at the 1997 MTV Music Video Awards, a year after Notorious B.I.G. was murdered.

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Few people know that Justine Simmons (aka Mrs. Rev Run) was once an emcee in a female rap group called the Fly Five.

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“Jussy Jus” is pictured with her son Diggy Simmons, also a rapper.

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Rapper Charli Baltimore is now mom to daughter India (left), who is a model, and Sianna, 15 (not pictured).

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Far from a rapper, but equally influential in hip hop, Alicia Keys is not proud mom to one-year-old Egypt Daoud.

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Far from a rapper, but equally influential in hip hop, Alicia Keys is a proud mom to one-year-old Egypt Daoud.

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A product of 90s hip hop soul, Monica is now mom to son Rocko and Romelo, and stepmother to hubby Shannon Brown’s son.

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