Highlights from Asia

highlights from asia
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 27, 2008

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Once she stopped giggling, this woman gave me a plastic bag
filled with homemade chips for the equivalent of three cents.

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This woman, of the “Black H’mong” minority group in Vietnam, is playing one of many traditional musical instruments.
Yes, it’s a leaf, and for 12 minutes, she made it shriek with a melody I’ve never quite heard before.

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Weaving is a big thing in Asia.
This man is using rattan, which is smoother than bamboo, to make a basket.
The basket will be sold for about the equivalent of $1.50.

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The Minanangkabau people of Indonesia are famous for this type of architecture,
although it’s also popular among other people of Indonesia and Malaysia.
Most homes like this are old and dilapidated, and only used as a corral for goats and other animals.
It’s a shame, because they are absolutely beautiful.


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