Here's What You Missed at the ESSENCE Festival's Convention Center

Take a look at some of the happenings around the Convention Center on day two of the ESSENCE Festival.

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 05, 2014

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Wendy Raquel Robinson shows off her beautiful smile backstage at the ESSENCE Festival.

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Mikki Taylor welcomes everyone to the 20th Anniversary of the ESSENCE Festival.

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Moderator Melissa Harris-Perry and Alicia Keys share a laugh during the "Empowering Black Women to End AIDS" panel.

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Stop by the #YesWeCode booth -- Prince's initiative with Rebuild the dream -- to learn all about the wonders of coding.

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Soledad O'Brien poses with Robin Roberts and Sally Ann Roberts after moderating their panel "Sisters in the Name of Love."

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Robin Roberts and Sally Ann-Roberts show eachother some sisterly love during their panel.

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Roland Martin and prankster Nephew Tommy hang out backstage.

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Dr. Lisa Moreno-Walton speaks to the crowd about the importance of AIDS prevention.

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Steve Harvey brings the funny and the real during his "Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man" panel.

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Mixologist Tiffanie Barriere creates a drink that's short on calories but not on taste.

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After leaving the ESSENCE Empowerment audience with practical wisdom to achieve their individual success, Lisa Nichols and Steve Harvey pose for a photo.

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Soledad O'Brien and Tyler Perry share a hug after Perry was inducted into the ESSENCE Empowerment Hall of Fame.

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Roland Martin and Mayor Kasim Reed share their opinions on how to better educate the black community.

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Steve Harvey offers practical advice on how to become a success.

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Sarah Jakes speaks honestly about her experience as a young mother during her "Learning from Love Mistakes" discussion.

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Mayor Kasim Reed speaks passionately about the importance of educating black children.

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Dr. Steve Perry talks about the importance of education on the "What's at Stake Part II" panel discussion.

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Roland Martin was also on hand to discuss education within the black community during the "What's at Stake Part II" panel discussion.

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Entrepreneur and motivational speaker Lisa Nichols receives a warm welcome during her "Act Like a Success" panel.

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Olubunmi ‘Boomie’ Odumade, 2014 Chevron Powermoves.NOLA winner

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Louisiana native, Chef Carolyn shows the ESSENCE Empowerment audience how to modify traditional dishes with healthier subsitutes that are just as tasty.

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Anthing is possible at the ESSENCE Festival, so if you want to reach for the stars, go right ahead.

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Stop by the National Council of Negro Women and learn all about the contributions black women have made.

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Before lighting up the stage in the Superlounge, Sebastian Mikael, wearing his trademark fedora, takes a stroll through the convention center.

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Who doesn't love taking cute photos? These two friends show off their gorgeous smiles while enjoying all the festivities at the ESSENCE Festival.

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Before Uncle Charlie tore down the ESSENCE Festival stage, he chatted with Entertainment Director, Cori Murray to warn her and everybody else, he's tearing the roof off, and that he did.

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With all the good food people have been eating, it's only right time be made to get a good workout in.

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Showing off a new haircut, Angie Stone serenades the ESSENCE Festival crowd.