Heat Wave: The Sexiest Celeb Selfies Ever!

Get up close and personal with your favorite Instagram hunks. (You're welcome!)

Charli Penn Mar, 02, 2015

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Oklahoma City Thunder's Serge Ibaka has now flaws. Oww! (Keri Hilson is one lucky lady!)

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Hold on...we need a minute. No, really, what else is there to say? Ah-may-zing!

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One of the hottest male models around, Broderick Hunter always brings the heat on Instagram. If you're not following up, stop what you're doing right now and go fix that problem.

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This man is such perfection, we had to show you once again.

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Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore always know his angles. Lord, have mercy!

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This photo gives new meaning to the phrase "red hot."

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ESSENCE Festival 2015 performer Trey Songz knows how to steam up a screen.

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Speaking of mirror selfies: Isn't this one (brought to you by Mr. Steal Your Girl himself) a beauty?

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Lenny, Lenny, Lenny! You can do no wrong!

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Oh what we would give to be Lenny's camera right about now. Sigh. Hey, a girl can dream!

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This chocolate's so hot we definitley need it to cool down some before we take a sip.

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This bearded cutie has our full attention today. Oh, Mr. Beckford, you know exactly what you're doing.

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Boris Kodjoe aims to please every time he turns the camera on himself.

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Even when he's pouting, Kodjoe keeps it sexy. In this sexy selfie, he was griping because he couldn't sleep. Well, you know what, Boris? Now we can't sleep either, but when we do, we'll be dreaming of you, gorgeous!

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Well, hello there Maxwell! 

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We're always up for watching Nelly show off a little with a muscle-packed mirror selfie.

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This man needs no introduction and we don't need to remind you that No Good Deed star Idris Elba is on Instagram, because we already know you refresh his feed five times a day. (Yes, we do too!) Sigh..whatta man!

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So this is what happens when you put on your fantasy-vision goggles? For more all-Idris, all the time, follow him here.

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Who wants to play peek-a-boo in bed with the oh-so-sexy Mr. Ellis? Um, sign us up!

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Big screen cutie Michael B. Jordan keeps things interesting on his Instagram feed.

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Women don't call him Michael "Bae" Jordan for nothing. This selfie says it all!

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On Instagram, Alonso takes fans to bed with him and we just know they have no qualms about that.

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Celebrity trainer Dolvett Quince keeps our hearts racing!

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When sexy crooner Usher posted this selfie, he had just one question for his fans: "How do you like your eggs?" Served with a side of you, cutie!