Health Issues ESSENCE Festival Stars Care About

The artists and speakers appearing at the ESSENCE Festival in New Orleans during July 4th weekend are very vocal about certain health issues. Learn more about the work a selection of ESSENCE Festival stars are working on to promote healthy living.

Monique Valeris Apr, 29, 2013

1 of 7 Michael Rowe

Profession: Grammy Award nominated singer, music ambassador and philanthropist

Weapon of Choice: Cell phone and tablet

Favorite Social Media Platform(s): Twitter & Instagram

Social Media & Your Brand: “It has allowed me to reach thousands of people with a single post.”

Klout: Over 150,000 Twitter followers

Tips for creating a Brand: “Keep it consistent and real.”

Who she follows on Social Media: “Many different fans who have a lot to say and are inspirational.”

Follow her at: @realtamiaworld (Twitter & Instagram)

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Tonya Lewis Lee

3 of 7 Michael Rowe

Charlie WIlson is a spokesperson for the Prostate Cancer Foundation, which works to raise funding for prostate cancer research.

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Jody Watley recorded a remake of the Cole Porter jazz classic "After You Who" for the 1990 Red, Hot and Blue album, which was produced to support HIV/AIDS research. Watley continues to devote time to HIV/AIDS awareness.

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Denise Warren of the Body by Denise fitness center in Queens, New York, encourages her clients to adopt a well-rounded workout routine to achieve their desired weight loss goals.

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Hip-hop star LL Cool J gave fans insight into his fitness routine with his 2009 book, LL Cool J's Platinum Workout.

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As president and CEO of The Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies nonprofit organization in New Orleans, Dr. Denese Shervington is committed to improving the physical, mental and spiritual health of women of color.