Happy Valentine's Day 2012

Happy Valentine's Day 2012
ESSENCE.COM Feb, 10, 2012

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“My Valentines are my beautiful daughter and my handsome other half. I am so thankful to have them to keep me grounded and focused. Our blended family is full of love and laughter and every day we work together to find a new way to make our lives better.” — makishathediva

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“My Valentine is my fiance Rob. God could not have placed me with a better person to share the rest of my life with. He is everything that I prayed for and wanted, and everything that I didn’t even know I wanted. Our love proves that blind dates can end in happily ever after. I can not wait for our Spring 2013 wedding.” — Jeanelle Yvette

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“My Valentine is my hubby of 3 years, Michael. He’s shown me another side of the world and he’s taught me so much. Love you babe!” — Tishia Ambroziak

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“I’m in love with a man that I’ve known for 11 years and can proudly say I’ve been happily married to for 8. He is my husband Tyrone! I never believed in love at first sight until I met him, and everyday with him feels like Valentine’s Day. He’s a great provider, lover, but most importantly, he’s my best friend. Our love and connection is so strong and defies all odds. Here we are with our silly love child Joshua, whom we adore and cherish. This Valentine’s Day I want to honor them and show how much I thank God for blessing our family.” — Lakia Pearson SpaDiva

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“Married for 30 years this July. Best husband and father ever.” — Andrea Collier

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“My husband and I married 17 years and still in luv! God is the Center!” — Alicia C

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“My daughter.” — Ratonda Bender

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ESSENCE.com reader nevikings wants to send a special shout out to her Valentine today.

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“He always plans romantic dates for us. We work hard to keep our relationship in good conditions. The reason he is my valentine is because he goes out of his way to make me feel special everyday and he is consistent, loyal and challenges me to better than my best!” — Tina Whittaker

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“I don’t have a ‘valentine’, but you said to post a pic of someone you love, and I love myself and I’m proud to know I have a GOD that loves me. Happy Valentine’s Day to all who are truly happy and in love.” – Dana Roxette

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“The Bible says ‘A man whom finds a wife finds a GOOD thing’. I waited. He found me, he loved me, he taught me how to love, he proposed and I said ‘YES’!” – Kelli Jones

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ESSENCE.com reader Danielle Mitchell wants to send a special shout out to her Valentine today.

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“This is me and my wife, Paula, as she is my angel, too.” — Tiago Aguiar

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“I love this man. Why did I choose this relationship? Because I feel fortunate to have found an honest, loving, perfectly imperfect man. He inspires and encourages me and I wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate him!”— Codie Elaine Brooks

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“I chose my husband, an active duty army soldier, Pettrick D. Talley because of his smile. His heart radiates through his smile. I had only known him intimately for less than a year before we decided to get engaged, live together, and eventually marry the weekend before Valentine’s Day. We decided to go to the Justice of the Peace on February 11, 2010 and seal the sweet deal. Through hard times and heartfelt times we have dealt with it all, showing that love is truly felt best when it’s unconditional and straight from the heart.” — Krystle S. Talley

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“The love of my life is my Valentine! My son!”

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“We have a unique story. We were together for 12 years, then divorced for 5 years, and God has blessed us to return to one another. He’s my best friend, the love of my life, and a wonderful father. We are abundantly blessed with friendship and love. Know that it’s never too late to live happily ever after.” — Shandra Cryaton

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ESSENCE.com reader Angie Clark wants to send a special shout out to her Valentine today.

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“Martin White is my best friend, and my heart! Laughter is the key to my heart, and he keeps me laughing and smiling all the time. I am so blessed to have him in my life, and I can’t picture my life without him!” — Erica Howell

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“Married for four year, and going strong, God willing. Happy Valentines Day, babe!” — nkem

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ESSENCE.com reader Kelly Jones wants to send a special shout out to her Valentine today.

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ESSENCE.com reader Gina Alexander wants to send a special shout out to her Valentine Jerome Newton today.

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“Me and my love, Hervey.” — Cara

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“This is me with my 7-year-old, Malik, posing for my cousin while I direct her on how to take this shot for our Christmas pictures. I am CRAZY about my Big Daddy (that’s my nickname for him). He has such a genuine soul and beautiful personality. We argue just like in any relationship, but I know that he knows I have his back no matter what. I never knew that I could love someone as much as I love him. I never felt the kind of love that he exudes when he just stares at me when I’m doing something simple, like while I’m driving. He’s the other half that completes me. He’s my Funny Valentine!”
YoKeyna R. Williams

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“My Valentine’s is Mike, my friend, partner, cheerleader, road dawg… and boyfriend of 4 years. Both graduates of Howard University, supporting our alma mater is one of our passions and how we met almost 20 years after we both left “The Yard.” But thanks to Bison Roundup—a social networking site for Howard alum—a discussion post in search of carpool riders found us “intersecting” after a Roundup mixer a few weeks later when we finally met in person. We’ve been together ever since. That’s why he’s my Valentine’s.“ – Erica Kennedy

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“The greatest love of all!! Mother and son!” — Lindsay Seals

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“My valentine is (and has always been) my little brother! We have a 14 year age difference between us, so we have very different priorities. But regardless of what ‘grown up’ things I have to do or who comes and goes in my life, I want him to know that he holds a special place in my heart that no man can ever replace.” — Reisha Beaty

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ESSENCE.com reader Kendra Dickerson wants to send a special shout out to her Valentine today.

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My Valentine is my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years, Eric. He lives in Washington, DC and I live in Dallas, but we always try our best to visit each other often. He always chooses fun cities to meet up, have fun, make memories, and be romantic. We’ve been almost everywhere from spending New Year’s Eve in New York to watch the Ball drop, to San Diego and Las Vegas to relax and have fun in the sun. I love him very much and even though the last 2 years have been challenging, living in two different states, we want to make 2012 our year and finally come together and live in the same city."

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“My Valentine’s this year is my amazing boyfriend. Valentine’s day is almost insignificant to our relationship because we truly spoil each other rotten year round. Overall, this city boy and country gal duo is a perfect match. Happy Valentine’s day to everyone. ONE love! " — April Carter

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“My valentine, my love, and my best friend. We met in our last years of college after walking past each other for over a year, and staring at each other, and never saying anything. Then finally he talked to me! Now I can’t imagine my life without him.” — Ashley Handley

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ESSENCE.com reader necoletorian wants to send a special shout out to her Valentine today.

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“Us, Jelani and Shar’ron on their wedding day.” — Shar’ron Tendai

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“What will I do without the love of my life? I can’t pray for a better Valentine. He completes me and just gets me. We’ve only been dating a couple of months, and he’s the only one that can be the perfect Valentine!” — April Laugh

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“Neither of us were ‘looking’ or anticipating a relationship when our paths crossed. Once the Lord allowed Clifton (this amazing person) and I, to meet, it became VERY apparent we had matured individually for long enough; it was now time to grow together!” — Sara R. Ward

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“It was love at first site when I first met him. We were torn apart for 9 1/2 years and God put us back together after all that time. Now we are having a son and getting married on Valentine’s Day!” — Regina Robinson

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ESSENCE.com reader Shirice wants to send a special shout out to her Valentine today.

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“My wonderful husband and I were married Christmas Eve 2011. I waited 38 years for God to send my King… it was the best day of my life!” — Kelli Price

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“My Valentines are my twins and my husband.” — Kisha Clark

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ESSENCE.com reader Jasmine Lee wants to send a special shout out to her Valentine today.

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“Me and my baby. Together 17 years.” — Lisa Scott

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“My boyfriend of almost 2 years.” — Bargain Shopper

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Benita Nwokolo and her new fiance!

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“This is my daughter, my Valentine, Breanne.” — Marcy Dunn-Dillard

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ESSENCE.com reader Teresa Kelley wants to send a special shout out to her Valentine today.

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“Me and my true love of 22 years on our wedding day, the sweetest day. — Harriett Maybell-Payne

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ESSENCE.com reader Kala Brookins wants to send a special shout out to her Valentine today.

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“Just me and you kid… there is no love like a mother’s love for her daughter, my sweet sweet Valentine.” — Lanee Burns

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ESSENCE.com reader Shanosha wants to send a special shout out to her Valentine today.

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ESSENCE.com reader Weadé Wallace wants to send a special shout out to her Valentine today.

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ESSENCE.com reader Denise Craig wants to send a special shout out to her Valentine today.

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“I would love to have me and my wonderful husband featured for Valentine’s Day. I am so thankful everyday I can wake up to him and go to bed with him.” — Rochelle Chandler-Douglas

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ESSENCE.com reader Tonya Gibson-Knowles wants to send a special shout out to her Valentine today.

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“Me and my now fiance, enjoying a random adventure on Sunday afternoon. This picture was taken right before he slipped while holding me and we tumbled down the hill! I love him, even his clumsiness. In April 2013 we’ll say “I do” and we’re both sooo excited about all the new adventures that await us!" — BashFilms

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“My valentine is my husband. He is my number one supporter, best friend and someone that I cannot imagine living my life without. He is truly amazing with our kids and family. We met in college, but we parted ways after graduation. We were not mature enough to love each other at the time. Now we can appreciate each other.” — Bella Gates

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“For 30 days, I visited her Facebook page before I finally got the nerve to inquire about the most intriguing lady I had ever seen. I noticed her in pictures posted by a mutual friend, and I just had to get to know the lady behind these pictures. Our first conversation lasted hours. It’s been 72 days and I’ve already been to visit her twice. Now our evenings and nights consist of Face-Time calls and Instant Messages. She will make her first visit to me for Valentine’s Day! “ – Maurice Lee Stuart II

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“Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend and future spouse. The first time I looked in his eyes I felt like I was home. I’ve been there ever since. We trusted God’s plan and it lead us to each other! I LOVE my boyfriend!” — Leontwanette Douglas

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“Me and my love, Hervey, in NYC for our engagement shoot. We met while working summer jobs at Nordstrom in 2004, and have been best friends ever since. We are so excited to be getting married this year! He is my balance, my shelter, and a part of my heaven. No matter what is going on in the world around us, there is always me and him.” — Cara Hinton

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ESSENCE.com reader Joyce Baker wants to send a special shout out to her Valentine today.

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“The love of my life, and my soon to be husband, is my valentine now and forever..” — Tajma Bruno

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“My son is my Valentine and has been since his father, my husband, passed away!”

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“I am truly thankful for the time my boyfriend and I spend together, traveling, or just being at home. He has seen me through a lot of issues and has been by my side at all times. He makes me feel like a Queen. Wow am I blessed! We spend as much time together as possible, still holding hands, giggling at ‘silly’ stuff and just enjoying the life that God has given us. I can’t imagine living and loving life as much with anyone but him. I love my man, and I thank God for blessing me with him!” — Martania Penn

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“Me and my sweetie (Valentine). We celebrated our 1-year anniversary on 11/6/11. This pic is from last Valentine’s Day 2011.

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“My 365 Valentine, Mr. Darwin G. Jackson.” — Latoya Jackson

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“I am so in love with my husband, who is my best friend, and thankful for his beauty, his genuine, and his love.” — Antinea Maye Carpenter

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“We have been together for 5 yrs and married for 3. We met at my cousin’s wedding and it was love at first sight. From the first kiss (the day I met him), my cousin’s wife said that we would be married, and she was right — two years later I became his wife! He is a great provider and an awesome step father to my son.” — Karen Riley-Belle

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ESSENCE.com reader Mikasha C Wade wants to send a special shout out to her Valentine today.

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“Me and my boo. We have been married for two years, and this love keeps getting stronger and stronger!” — Deshalana Barnes

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“My son, who loves me unconditionally!” — Krystal Kendle-Anderson

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ESSENCE.com reader Daswanja Toson wants to send a special shout out to her Valentine today.

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“Mom, even in heaven, you’re still my one true valentine. I love you and I miss you so much.” — Derrick T.

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“My husband George and I have been married for 12 years. He’s my best friend, my smile, joy, protector, and biggest supporter. Through deathly sickness and health, good times and bad times, he’s always been there. He’s a mighty man of valor. My blessing…my Valentine.” —Karessa McLaughlin

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ESSENCE.com reader Barbara Ann Okuonghae wants to send a special shout out to her Valentine today.

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“I so love this man! We have been together for 7 years and my heart still skips a beat when he enters a room!” — Samuriel Turk-West

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“My husband Gibran and our dog Karma are my Valentines every year. We are a family. They are the reason I wake up smiling, fall asleep happy, and believe in love, always. Happy Valentine’s Day honey. I thank God for you this day, and all days.” — Charli Penn