Happy Founder’s Day Sorors! A Look Back at Alpha Kappa Alpha Sisterhood

We take a moment to reflect on 108 years of service and sisterhood.

Deena Campbell Jan, 15, 2016

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Laney Calhoun (far left) with her co-initiates. Date unknown.

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Spring '74 Univ of South Florida (Zeta Upsilon) sorors in pretty dresses after a church service.

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This picture was taken of a family at a 1986 AKA conference. Each memeber has served on a regional and national committee at some point. (Front row) Elizabeth Collins, Henrietta Johnson and Lee Anna Shelbourne. (Middle row) Maggie Powell who was initiated in 1925. (Back row) Gloria Stanford Brown, Clara Satterfield and Chrystal Powell Tibbs.

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Vivian Verly Reissland Rouson, born July 18, 1929 in New Orleans and died December 10, 2012. She was a Golden Soror and had been a Life Member of AKA for many years before she passed.

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Three generations of AKA's share a loving moment. From left to right: Janine Rouson (initiated in 1979 at Howard University and daughter of Vivian R. Rouson), Cilicia James (initiated in 2009 at Howard University and daughter of Janine Rouson), Vivian Reissland Rouson (initiated at Xavier University in 1949, Golden Soror and Life member until her death in December 2012), Erica Boykin (initiated in 2007 at Spelman College, daughter of Lizette Rouson-Benefield), Lizette Rouson-Benefield (initiated in 1974 at Xavier University).

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A reunion photo of sorors who crossed in 1979 at Howard University. Over 35 years of sisterhood!

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Sorors from the AKA Leadership Fellows program in 2009.

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Sorors from the Rho Theta Omega chapter creating fun paintings.

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Sorors sharing smiles at a wedding. (Right to left) Vickie Stephens, Leslye Tinson, Jackie Welch, Natalie Walker, Sharon Godbolt, Susan Coleman, Robyn Stovall, Mica Mayo, Chemene Hooker-Henry, Angela Exson, Carol Dixon and Shanterra McBride.

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Soror's attending the premiere of SELMA. (Left to right) Natalie Walker, Margaret Lewis, Dell Davis, Kendra Griffin, Patricia Calloway, Chemene Hooker-Henry Teri, Alugas, Andrea Wilson, Cheryl Williams, Audrey Kay, Shannon Nash, Nicole Nelson and Leslye Tinson.

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The Rho Theta Omega chapter on 1908 Playgrounds Project Mobilization Day. These sorors have an ongoing project at Samuel Gompers Elementary to restore, refresh, and renew its playground.