Happy 2016! Celebs Share Their New Year's Resolutions

We're all thinking about pressing the reset button for the new year. What will the next 364 days look like? We asked our favorite celebs how they plan to grow and get better. See what Kandi Burruss, Monica, Jazmine Sullivan, Lalah Hathaway, and more, plan to live their best lives in 2016.

Yolanda Sangweni Dec, 29, 2015

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It's a new year—time to press the reset button on your blessings. We reached out to a few of our favorite celebs to see how they plan to make 2016 their year. See what Kandi Burruss, Monica, Jazmine Sullivan, Lalah Hathaway, and more, plan to live their best lives in 2016.

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“I have new baby coming. My Husband I are gonna be starting a new restaurant business and tons of other things. I just plan on keeping my sanity and health on point while trying make everything work.”

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“My New Year’s Resolution is to not wait for the New Year to start a resolution!”

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“My goal for 2016 and life is to no longer have one resolution, but to daily improve myself and be better than I was the day before. I will always face my fears and live according to the will GOD has for my life.”

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"The one thing I've been working on for quite a while—and I'm doing better and better every day—is my water intake. I'm a southern girl, so I love sweet tea and Coca Cola, and my momma makes this punch that all the fellas call "crack juice" because you can't get enough of it. But I've been fighting to drink more water. I'm at a liter a day now, so I'm trying to push it up to a gallon."

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“I want to learn French (the language of LOVE) and get better at making more time for myself."

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“My resolution is to take my fitness and songwriting super seriously. Both involve a certain daily discipline I have yet to discover on a real level. I am a work in progress!”

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“I want to get into a more consistent and healthy diet and exercise progran. I'd also like to do more writing for other artists both in R&B and other genres, like pop and urban. I'd like to be better at putting myself out there more and being a little less shy by going to more parties and events, etc.

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"My resolution for 2016 is to perfect my Spanish speaking and engage my Latin audience more. As an Afro-Latino I find it extremely important that the black and brown communities come together on issues like police brutality and immigration."

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“My biggest resolution for 2016 is not letting those unfair and challenging moments take me to a negative place. I’d also like to be better about the kinds of foods I eat.”

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"Less phone. More fun and family! Attempt much healthier eating habits--- less sugar less carbs less milk."

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"My resolution is to work smarter and get better at implementing systems, not sweat."

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“Love Harder, Laugh Harder, Give More, Live Free, and be confident in ME!”

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“My New Year’s resolution is to grow in faith. I’d like to get at increasing my level of discipline to do the things I have to do to be a better singer, a better actress and a better person. I also want to give more...more time and more effort to helping people and changing the world.”

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“In 2016, I’m going to work very hard on letting go of grudges. Holding on and imagining how I'm going to make the offending party pay takes up way too much of my time. It’s also no longer a winning strategy. I'm going to stop the practice of ruminating over the situation, real or imaginary, that leads to the grudge sprouting.”

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“My resolution is to put R&B back in it's proper place on the charts in 2016. R&B music matters and we as artists and songwriters can change lives through our lyrics and influence be the soundtrack to people's lives and move our listeners forward. I’d like to be a better man and father and to continue to build my relationship with God. I’d also like to continue to grow as an artist and pray that God continue to open up new doors for me.”

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"My New Year's resolution is to give myself permission to engage in my other interests."

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“To rid myself of every last remnant of negativity I have left for others who have hurt me in the past…and uze more spell chek. LOL”

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“This past year has been a busy one but I have been able to grow tremendously in more ways than one. A lot of which will be spoken about on my new project. I’d like to be better by creating more than I did in 2015. Each day my goal is to be a better person than I was the day before.  Oh, and I gotta eat more vegetables! LOL!”

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“My revolution is to breathe more. I'd like to be a better listener—to others and to my gut.”

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"I turned 50 this year and whilst I feel great I know that things aren't what they used to be, it’s time to start taking care of myself. In 2016 look to see me getting more rest, drinking more water and generally treating my body and mind a little better. It's not the Aging process, it's the Perfecting process.”

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“My resolution is to spend less time on the cell phone, especially during time with my 5-year-old son.  The profound stuff that comes out of his mouth makes me drop the phone anyway, so why pick it up in the first place!”

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"This year's blessings came as a result of continued focus, faith, and diligent commitment to myself, my dreams, and my family. If there was any change to be made in 2016 it would be to stay even more focused and more faithful. And to also be more cognizant of the blessings at hand so I can make the most of them, not just for myself, but for the people that are sharing this journey with me."

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“My resolution is to not sweat the small stuff in order to have more freedom to focus more on what is important to me: the people I love, creativity and philanthropy.”

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“My New Year’s resolution is to become more unafraid to take risk.  Sometimes a risk must be taken in order to see a broader spectrum of things, so that you can make the right moves. I would like to be better with forgiveness in 2016. I’m forgiving, but I can do better. When you possess the life quality of forgiveness, nothing will anchor you down. Your growth is endless!”

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"Hold nothing back! And to stop letting fear control how much I push myself," says the star of CW’s The Flash.

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"More talking. Less texting!”
Parker stars in FX’s The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

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"Maybe it's the holidays but my resolution is to spend more time with my family. I get so caught up focusing on trying to make them proud that I fail to focus on the one thing that's irreplaceable: Time. So 2016 is for my fam”

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"I hope the things I never had or got to achieve in the past years I can obtain in 2016. I want my U.S. visa. I want my Canadian visa. I want my English visa and I want this Grammy for Best Reggae Album in 2016.”

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"I don't usually partake in New Year's resolution. I don't believe one should wait for the new year to make a change," says the star of WGN's upcoming Underground series. "But in this new year, I will continue what Rilke would call the journey inside myself to see how deep the place is from which my life flows and hope that what commands me to be an artist spreads it's roots into the very depths of my heart. In this next year I will continue to evolve personally and professionally, not shrink in the face of challenge, and be sure I smile and laugh more than frown and anger. That is my daily resolution."

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My resolution once again is to continue to build and maintain good habits to improve my exercise and diet. It's been a struggle, 
but I am committed and I am seeing progress every year. I'm trying to lose 50 lbs by my 50th birthday on August 17!

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“New Year’s resolutions are made annually with the intent to be better physically, financially, mentally and emotionally. And while those things are certainly at the top of my list I'd like to believe that my New Years resolution is primarily the same as my daily resolution and that is to be a beacon of hope for someone through what I say, how I live and the songs that I sing.”

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“My New Year’s resolution is to take care of myself better. I plan to sleep more, check emails less, eat more responsibly, exercise more, and generally have more quality time with me!”

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“Be more present. Communicate face to face or by phone. E-mail and text are great tools but we need to spend time with each other to really connect and express our humanity.  Talk to a stranger. You might find yourself fascinated!”