Halle Berry's Summer Vacation

Halle'a Vacation
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 09, 2009

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Halle Berry took a break from the congestion of Hollywood living this summer to spend time with her No. 1 fan, daughter Nahla.

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Halle Berry and daughter Nahla, 1, make their way through the airport in Los Angeles in early July, to depart for some holiday fun.

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Most kids love bubble time, including little Nahla, while enjoying the beach in Miami.

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Nahla is gorgeous in green during the family’s South Beach stroll.

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Halle Berry relaxes with her little one in the sun.

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A game of marco polo? Halle and Nahla splash around in South Beach.

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Nahla enjoys some tube time in the pool.

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Halle and Nahla dry off after a splash on on July 7.

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Halle and Nahla go for a walk in the sunny weather.

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Halle Berry and Nahla Ariela take on the waves on the shore.

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