Hairstyle File: Tracee Ellis Ross

Take a look at Tracee's hottest looks over the years.
Nicole Marie Melton Oct, 26, 2011

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Posing with her mom, diva Diana Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross smooths her strands back in a headband.

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At an event in 2000, Ross swept the top half of her hair back in a bun, leaving the rest loose and curly.

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Here, Ross lets her natural ringlets fly free — no crunchy product, no accessories, no fuss. Just soft, sexy spirals!

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Here, Ross pulls the top half of her hair into a ponytail, balancing out the look with huge gold hoops.

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Ross slicks her tresses back in a tight, high bun, punctuating the look with an electric fuchsia lip.

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Ross created a side part and let her locks fall in long, curly layers.

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Tracee Ellis Ross pulls her curls back into a messy knot — classy, easy, and cool.

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For a 2006 Oscar party, Tracee Ellis Ross set her hair for sleek, defined curls with a retro vibe.

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Ross pulled her locks back in a loose chignon, leaving height at the crown. So elegant.

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Ross defined her curls with a large curling iron, and tucked them under at the nape of her neck to created a faux bun. For a sexy final touch, she pinned it up on one side.

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Ross goes for a casual chic moment with a fluffy, shoulder-length blowout.

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Ross braided her hair in two prairie cornrows, protecting her ends from the heat, styling tools and environmental damage.

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At the fourth annual Black Girls Rock concert, Ross piled her ringlets on top of her head for a casual vibe.

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In a nod to the 1940s, Tracee Ellis Ross rocked wet-set curls pinned above one ear. So cute.

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At the Black Girls Rock concert, Tracee Ellis Ross swept her gorgeous ringlets up in to a high topknot. So glam!

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Ross attended the Independent Spirit Awards flaunting her hot, new crimson hair hue.

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Ross flaunted her carefree curls at the Optimum Salon Haircare Miracle Oil product launch event in New York City.


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