Hairstyle File: Sherri Shepherd

ESSENCE.COM Jan, 21, 2010

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“I first started wearing wigs when I worked on a TV show with stylist who couldn’t style black hair,” says Shepherd, shown here in a half-up, half-down, wavy style. “My hair is very fine and naturally curly, and every day the stylist would spray product on my hair and curl it…so it started breaking off. I didn’t want to end up bald-headed, so I started wearing wigs!”

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“The stylist on ‘The View’ loves to use me as her guinea pig,” she says, looking adorable in a layered bob look. “I love trying new styles, so I generally wear a different wig on the show every day.”

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We love these rippling waves on Sherri, but she says her favorite wig is her ‘Pocahantas’ look. “I have several ‘Pocahantas’ wigs,” she says. “I like the one I’ve named the ‘Diva,’ too. She rocks my world; she just hasn’t been able to help me get a man. I see a man coming around the corner right now…let me see if the Diva will stop him in his tracks.”

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At a recent ABC network event, Sherri dressed up her look in an elegant chignon with an oversized, pin-tucked bun.

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In terms of taking care of her wigs, Shepherd usually “just balls them up and sticks them in my purse. I have wigs all over my house and my office, and I just fluff one out when I need it.” Here, she goes for a sultry moment with this softly waved, chest-length wig.

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Here, Sherri Shepherd embraces her casual side with a wig packed with tightly set spirals. “When I wear the curly look, I like the synthetic Bobbi Boss wigs,” she says. “And I get a lot of my favorite styles from Mo Hair Technologies.”

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“When I started getting booked regularly on TV, I knew I had to really start wearing wigs,” says Sherri, seen her rocking the red carpet in long, glamorous sausage curls. “Especially after a stylist on a show put baby powder in my hair when she thought my scalp was too oily!”

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This trendy, pin-straight wig with eyelash-grazing bangs gives Shepherd a sexy, hottest-girl-at-the-bar vibe.

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This full, coily wig is the perfect look for a casual weekend lunch with the girls. But according to the comedienne/actress, she likes to flaunt her real hair on off duty days. “When I went to see ‘The Book of Eli’ last weekend, I whipped my wig off at the movies. My friends started laughing, and the people there didn’t believe it was really me without my wig!”

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Shepherd’s long, softly curled wig looks so pristine! When we asked her for tips on wig maintenance, she only had one thing to say: “Make sure you always have bobby pins. Once, my friend’s wig fell off in front of twenty people. You don’t want that to happen, so make sure you pin your wig down.”


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