Hair Must-Haves Found in Your Kitchen

It’s easy to be a product junkie when you’ve got natural hair—there are so many amazing products on the market, of course you want to try them all! But before you get caught up in the BOGO’s and free shipping online deals, I think it’s wisest to first take a look into your kitchen pantry. There you’ll most likely find these five items that many in the know and adore for cleansing, moisturizing and styling their natural hair! Read on to see what you need in your healthy hair beauty pantry.

Afrobella Mar, 17, 2015

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You can use any kind of vinegar to cleanse your hair, but classic ACV is the gold standard for hair rinses that combat dandruff, dry scalp, and help to restore your hair’s pH balance.

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Olive oil is awesome for cooking, and it also makes a wonderful pre-shampoo hair treatment beloved by women with natural textures that need moisture. Just add your favorite essential oils and herbs to enhance the experience.

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When my scalp is at its itchiest and flakiest, I mix a little coarse brown sugar and olive oil to make a DIY scalp scrub – add a drop of tea tree or peppermint oil for extra tingly cleansing. It’s important to really rinse well afterwards!

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Coconut oil is amongst the most versatile items you’ll find in your pantry. Common hair uses include pre-shampoo treatments, adding slip to conditioners for easy detangling, and even slicked on as a styling product or light, moisturizing sealant.

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Some are firmly in the baking soda camp, others swear it will damage your hair. No doubt, baking soda is a powerful ingredient used in many cleansers for a reason. With the right research and application, it can be an effective scalp cleanser. Many use an ACV rinse afterwards to balance their hair’s pH. Find what works for you.

Afrobella was the natural hair blogger at AOL’s Black Voices and a writer for Vogue Italia’s Vogue Black website. She has also presented keynotes at several major media expos and seminars.


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