Hair Issue: Tress Makeover

Hair Issue: Tress Makeover
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 24, 2010

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Our celebrity dream team — hairstylists Ursula Stephen and Keith Campbell, makeup artist Lucky Smyler and stylist Wouri Vice — gave three everyday women head-to-toe makeovers!

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The former hip-hop dance instructor and mother of three was always so busy juggling family and school, and felt her look suffered.

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Fermin’s dream came true when Ursula Stephen, Rihanna’s hairstylist, made over her mane. “My hair was long for too long!” she says. “Ursula helped women desire and appreciate short hair.”

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Stephen cut Fermin’s hair several inches to create a versatile bob that will be easily manageable with her extremely busy schedule, but still be fun and funky.

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After applying a semi-permanent hair color to neutralize Fermin’s previously brassy tone, Stephen added several bright orange hair extensions for dimension.

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Smyler and Stephen work in tandem to put the finishing touches on Fermin, who was the first makeover candidate to be transformed and photographed.

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“She just glows!” gushes Smyler. He emphasized her skin tone by using golden peach and bronze colors to create a sexy, Beyonc

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After 10 years, she cut her locs and got a relaxer. “My only options were to wear straight or try curly wigs.” So she challenged us with the question: How do you make this straight stuff cute?

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“The best part about this hairstyle is that I now know what to do with my hair on my non-hairpiece days,” Fermin says, laughing. “Now I feel like a whole new sassy thing!”

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Stephen wrapped Howard’s hair while wet and placed her under a hooded dryer to minimize the heat and potential damage to her hair.

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Howard’s hair was updated from a conservative bob to a sexy, short pixie style with a dash of semi-permanent color for extra shine.

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Smyler decided to keep Howard’s makeup minimal to match the youthful, fun and carefree appeal created by Stephen’s cut.

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Smyler piled on faux lashes to offset bold eyebrows. “It’s all about the detail and aesthetics,” he says, “it’s not about the color.”

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McKend usually did the barest minimum when it came to beauty. She nominated herself for a makeover because she wanted a bolder look.

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Post-makeover McKend says that while her “personality pieces” had been removed, it has not diminished her newfound confidence. “As Black women, we deserve to get the star treatment.”

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“Lightening the brow softens the eyes and gives them a lift,” says Smyler. Campbell also brightened her hair color with an intense red for an eye-popping effect.

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Campbell gave McKend a short cut she can play with that emphasized the volume on top. The addition of hairpieces added shape to her funky new style.

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McKend has worn her hair natural for two years. With this cut, Campbell has given her more versatility. She can keep it natural or flat-iron it straight.

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Smyler had fun using a bright blue shadow on McKend’s eyelids to make them stand out. He kept the rest of her face natural and flawless for added impact.


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