Greatest Girl Groups of All Time

Where have the TLC’s, SWV’s, and Destiny’s Child’s of the world gone? It seems like girl groups are as extinct as the running man dance craze. We’re taking a trip down memory lane and reminiscing on the girl groups who made us dance, cry, and even find ourselves—all while while singing along to their soulful hits. Today we salute our favorite girls. 

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TLC fused hip-hop, R&B, and pop to build unprecedented success in the ’90s. T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chili are recognized as the best-selling female group of all time.

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The Supremes top the list as our all-time favorite girl group. These Detroit ladies made history not only with their pop and soul tunes, but also with their elegant hair and glitzy fashion choices.

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Every Destiny’s Child fan could recite “No, No, No” and “Bills, Bills, Bills” by heart. The original foursome released two albums before Michelle Williams joined Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland in 2000 to become a trio. Destiny’s Child set trends with their harmonious music and cutting-edge style.

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En Vogue is one of the most successful and popular girl groups of all time. With hits like “Hold On” and “Free Your Mind,” they always gave us something we could feel.

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We’re so happy SWV (Sisters With Voices) has reunited for a new album and are performing at this year’s ESSENCE Music Festival. Who can forget their mega-hits from the ‘90s, including “Weak” and "I’m So Into You"?

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When Zhane’s popular single “Hey Mr. DJ” hit the airwaves in 1994, every girl in town was looking for the nearest dance floor.

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Salt-N-Pepa made history as the first female hip-hop group when they burst on the scene in 1985. They are currently the best-selling female rap group of all time.

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At the height of their success in the early ‘80s, these fashionable 2012 ESSENCE Music Festival performers released several hot hits — "I’m So Excited," “Jump (for My Love)” and “Automatic” among them.

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The best-selling gospel duo — sisters Erica and Tina Campbell — found their success by pairing inspirational lyrics with an R&B flair. Even non-gospel lovers can groove to a Mary Mary song.

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This quartet released three albums in the ’90s, and created a string of hits including “Just Kickin It,” “Understanding,” and “Who Can I Run To.”

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Floetry’s debut album Floetic had everyone jamming to “Say Yes” and “It’s Getting Late.” To this day, we’ve still got those songs on our date-night playlists.

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702 had sassy vocals and killer style when they entered the music world in the ’90’s with their hits “Steelo,” “All I Want,” and “Get It Together.”

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Left Eye’s protégés caught our attention with their funky style and their upbeat single, “808.”

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One thing is for sure — these three native Detroiters can SANG! The Clark Sisters have made some of the most soul-stirring and uplifting gospel records of all time.

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We couldn’t get enough of Total in the ’90s, and when the trio teamed up with Missy for the sassy single “What About Us,” we had a new favorite song in the rotation.

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We loved Allure’s debut self-titled album when it was released in 1997. “Head Over Heels” and “All Cried Out” were our top jams.

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These two native New Yorkers began singing together in high school long before releasing albums in the ’90s. Who could forget “Stroke You Up” and “G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T”?

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Before Toni Braxton became a solo star, she and her sisters Trina, Tamar, Towanda and Traci formed the Braxtons. Their solo album was released in 1990.

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During their brief career, Jade released three successful albums. We were all jamming to “Don’t Walk Away” when it came out in 1993.

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Brownstone’s 1995 hits “If You Love Me” and “Grapevyne” sent this trio to the top of the charts.