Great Beauty: Red vs. Pink

Great Beauty: Red vs. Pink
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 18, 2011

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Oh my the red is vibrant, isn’t it? The pink might be a bit pale for her Tracee’s golden skin tone. VERDICT: Red

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Living for this fucshia! To get the look at home, try Nars Larger Than Life LipGloss in Plac Vendome ($26, VERDICT: Pink

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Fierce in scarlet, fierce in ballet slipper pink. VERDICT: #CanDoNoWrong

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The red is striking, but that sweet pink is just so flirty and saucy. VERDICT: Pink

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We love this high-sheen crimson lip, but the pink look is really pretty in a soft, innocent way. VERDICT: Pink

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Hmm…the red works with her hint of a tan, but the pink looks perfect with her fairer, winter complexion. VERDICT: Undecided

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We’re currently wild about orangey-red lipstick (so unexpectedly chic), so this one’s a no-brainer! VERDICT: Red

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Wow. That vinyl-shine red is the stuff glamour girls are made of. Love the pink, super-cute, but…VERDICT: Red

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The red is super-polished and flawlessly lined, but we always love Kerry in pale pink. She jump-started the trend a couple years ago and bless her for it! So feminine. VERDICT: Pink

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The velvetty red lip is uber-glam, but the slightly violet-toned pink is just kooky enough to work with green liner. VERDICT: Pink

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That ultraviolet pink is killer, but the cherry red does something glorious to her complexion. Wow, how gorgeous is she? VERDICT: Red

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Ahh Garcelle. Always gorgeous, but we think that sweet petal pink shade is downright adorbs. VERDICT: Pink

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Okay, this isn’t a true pink, it’s more of a coral-pink, but still we think it has a bit more originality and oomph than the classic red. VERDICT: Pink