Great Beauty: Kelly Rowlands Top 5 Tips

Kelly Rowland has always been drop-dead gorgeous, but in the past year or so, she's become a bonafide beauty icon! Her makeup artist, Latasha Wright, loves to highlight her creamy mocha skin with bold blues, pinks and purples -- a look that helped spawn this summer's bright makeup trend! When Kelly and LaTasha stopped by our offices this week, we had to ask them to reveal their top summertime makeup tips.
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 28, 2011

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“Black women are afraid that colorful makeup looks tacky,” said Wright. “But if you use it sparingly — a little purple here, a little pink there — it brightens the whole face!”

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Wright recommends blending a few foundations and powders to match your complexion. “On Kelly, I use MAC StudioFix and Bobbi Brown Powder in Golden Orange ($34,”

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“Natura Bisse Diamond Cream ($285, leaves my skin so soft, I swear by it,” raves Kelly. “It’s expensive, but its worth it to invest in your skin.”

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“I always have MAC Lipstick in Pink Nouveau ($14.50, in my makeup bag,” reveals Wright. “You can’t go wrong with a soft pink lip!”

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“I use Make Up Forever HD Micro-finish Powder ($15.50, to set Kelly’s makeup,” says Wright. This translucent mattifying powder is white in the packaging, but disappears on skin!

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When it comes to her lashes, Kelly’s faithful to her old favorite: L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara ($6, “It’s the best,” she raves. “It gives me the longest lashes!”