Great Beauty: Girlfriend Makeovers

You know your BFF is special if she feels totally comfortable telling you that you need a head-to-toe makeover! And that's exactly how these three women ended up getting revamped in ESSENCE's May issue. After their girlfriends turned Yasmeen, Tiffany and Sheran in to our style police, we had our celeb glam squad come up with hair, beauty and fashion choices that transformed them from so-so to stunning. Check out the makeovers here!
ESSENCE.COM Apr, 18, 2011

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This 33-year-old AIDS prevention specialist/comedienne had a dated hair and makeup style.

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Celeb hairstylist Ursula Stephen gave Sheron a trim to snip off damaged edges.

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Celeb makeup artist Lucky Smyler added a creamy foundation and made her eyes the focus, settling on a smokey dark gray shadow.

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Stephen dyed her hair a medium brown shade and added longer pieces, which softened her look.

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This V-neck dress flatters her modest bust and the length shows off her fabulous legs!

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Instead of going matchy-matchy, we went tonal by choosing a jacket and bag in the same color family.

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This 36-year-old reading teacher usually keeps things super-casual in jeans and a tee shirt.

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Stephen treated Hall’s fabulous natural hair to a shine-enhancing deep conditioning treatment. Then, she shaped up her coils so she could wear them natural or straight.

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Smyler played up Hall’s gorgeous skintone by working with neutral makeup tones.

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This high-waisted skirt highlights Hall’s recent baby weight-loss, and the bright cardigan adds a youthful twist.

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Hall loves color, and this simple silhouette is the perfect backdrop for a fun, colorful print!

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This 36-year-old adult ed teacher never really pushed the envelope when it came to her style — and the surprise was, she had a model’s figure underneath her baggy clothes!

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Yasmeen’s hair was a tad lifeless, so Stephen added some shorter, asymmetric layers to give her ’do more shape.

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Coaxum had some hyperpigmentation, so Smyler evened out her skintone with a rich foundation.

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Smyler gave Coaxum a sultry look by smudging kohl shadow around her eyes, and adding a fierce berry lipgloss.

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The blending of textures (ie, a silky shirt, metallic accessories) gives this monochromatic look an edgy, cool vibe.

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With her cool haircut, statement jewelry and sexy red skirt, Coaxum is ready for a hot date or a fun brunch with the girls.