Good Vibrations

Mindful momentos and personalized pieces of jewelry spark a trend of daily wearable inspiration and adornments with good vibes.

Celia L. Smith Sep, 29, 2014

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Red garnet signifies love, friendship and guidance.

“Blaze” garnet ring, Satya Jewelry, $129,

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Spritual armor wraps, Alex and Ani, $58 each,

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The tree of life symbolizes deep-grounding and faith, while the lotus flower signifies infinite possibilities and onyx, perseverence.

Gold Onyx Tree and Lotus Thrive Necklace, $149,

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The coordinates of a special locale wrapped around your finger.

Plated "Meridian" ring, Coordinates Collection, starting at $140,

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Each gold bangle represents an intention for the day. As you put them on, you are affirming your nine intentions in the morning and nine thoughts of gratefulness at night.

All weather prayer bangles, Budhagirl, $110,

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Rose quartz promotes love by restoring self-worth and encouraging healing.

Rose quartz mineral necklace, Samantha Wills, $153,

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Choosing charms that are close to your heart makes this necklace all the more special.

Charm chain, Origami Owl, starts at $12,